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"UMOJA arranged my accommodation and travelling needs in the best way. Unlike my previous travel experiences, UMOJA’s research was commendable and very precise. We faced no problems in our room associated with the usage of wheelchairs and all our requirements were satisfied without distress in arranging them."
-Dhruv Shirpurkar

"After 8 long years I have stepped out with my family for a trip to Goa and was surprised to see the amazing accessibility arrangements over here."
-Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta

"A very big thank you to UMOJA. You have made our holiday extremely well & you took care of everything. Well Done UMOJA."
-Mr Vikas Sowmani, Mumbai

“…with UMOJA, the detailed information and photos of bathrooms enabled me to make an informed choice."
-Martin Heng, Accessible Travel Manager – Lonely Planet

"We are now back in France and we want to express to you our satisfaction for the job you did. I am myself an ex-travel agent in India for the French market, and I know the difficulty of your work."
-Lionel Berthe & Malika Mahrach

"I had an awesome experience past 3 days. This is the first time in my life at the age of 50, I got the taste of sea water & feel of water. It was a wonderful experience and it was all made possible because of accessible beach, made by UMOJA. 3 Cheers to UMOJA."
-Ms Padma, Hyderabad

"You made our trip enjoyable memorable and very very comfortable. My wife joins me in thanking you guys for the out of the way courtesy and consideration shown to us at every step. Overall it was a very very nice trip for us. With warm regards and good wishes to all of you."
-Colonel & Mrs T Sundaram

"I loved the experience of going in the water. Actually, in the sea, it's my first experience and that`s unbelievable. The Floating Wheelchair is great for us, its amazing. Incredible! Thank you UMOJA."
-Ms Sweta, Ahmedabad


UMOJA is the Swahili word for inclusive, and that’s what we’re all about: Making travel truly inclusive for persons with accessibility needs.

Our experts conduct in-depth research to find truly accessible hotels, transport options, and activities. We take the time to understand YOUR requirements and recommend places that work for YOU.  What’s more, we also get great rates from hotels on accessible rooms!

Ultimately, UMOJA ensures you have a worry-free holiday at a
worry-free price!

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