Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore and nicknamed as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is recognised as a Gen-Z city across the world today. Being the third most populous and fifth most urbane city in India, Bengaluru is a popular IT hub, metropolitan and youth hotspot of the nation. Also, for the wanderers, this beautiful city opens a multitude of vistas.

Do you love taking road trips with friends and family? Are you staying in Bengaluru or just moved here for work? You’ll jump up in delight knowing that this new-age city will endow you with a plenty of opportunities to satiate that undying wanderlust of yours.

  1. Bengaluru to Nandi Hills

Bengaluru to Nandi Hills

Looking for a quick retreat from your everyday clamour? Nandi Hills is a perfect weekend getaway that is considered to be just perfect for road tripping from Bengaluru. Offering an altitude of 1,478 m, this place was believed to be Tipu Sultan’s summer escapade. The rolling green slopes and picturesque sights will greet you on your way to this place.

   Distance: 61 kms

Time Taken: 1.5 hours

Things to do: You can enjoy a day or two here indulging in activities like trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, sight-seeing and exploring tourist spots.

  1. Bengaluru to Mysore

Bengaluru to Mysore

If Masala Dosa and long bike rides is something you love, a road trip from Bengaluru to Mysore is something you must not miss. Known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is a hub for tourism. You can admire the historical monuments here and have a taste of the ancient arts forms at once. Get away from the city’s maddening traffic by taking a quick retreat to Mysore. Excellent road conditions and scenic beauty are the main highlights for this road trip.

   Distance: 145 kms

Time Taken: 3.5 hours

Things to do: Enroute to Mysore stopover at Ramnagaram for rappelling and rock climbing. Grab a chance to get up, close and cosy with the nature at the magnificent Cauvery falls.

  1. Bengaluru to Lepakshi

Bengaluru to Lepakshi

Were you working the entire Saturday and are left with Sunday only for some relaxation? Take a quick road trip with your buddies to this small historic place. The prime attraction here is the temple that is dedicated to Papanasheshvara. It has a significant connection to the history and archaeology of the state.

   Distance: 125 kms

Time Taken: 2.5 hours

Things to do: Take a stroll in the temple premises and go sight-seeing around the town.

  1. Bengaluru to Wayanad

Bengaluru to Wayanad

Beautiful paddy fields and tea plantations make Wayanad an exhilarating destination to visit. This place is famous for its scenic beauty and has a plenty of budget hotels where you can spend the weekend. Wayand is basically a district that consists of a number of towns.

   Distance: 288 kms

Time Taken: 6 hours

Things to do: Take an evening walk through the tea plantations. Major tourist attractions here are: Kuruva islands, Edakkal caves, Lakkidi view point, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Thirunelly temple, Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Chembra peak, Banasurasagar dam, and Soochipara waterfalls.

  1. Bengaluru to Coonor

Bengaluru to Coonor

Unleash the explorer in you by taking this long and exotic road trip from Bangalore. Known as the gateway to the Nilgiris, Coonor is a marvellous destination for those who love to drive through the hilly terrains. On the way, you will come across beautiful plantations of tea and spices, also forest trails and towering peaks is what you see here!

   Distance: 395 kms

Time Taken: 8 hours

Things to do: Visit exotic spots like Dolphin’s Nose, Sim’s Park, Ketty, Hidden Valley, and Lamb’s Rock!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? With festivals like Diwali and Dusshera drawing in closer, you’ll get myriad chances to plan road trips from Bengaluru to atleast one of the destinations mentioned in this list. Go ahead and get rolling on the roads to these stunning holiday spots this year. Happy road tripping!