The classic Bollywood movie Sholay was shot at various locations for over two and a half years. Its locations have now become as iconic as the movie itself. Here is a list of five locations that you must visit to relieve the Sholay experience.

  1. Hilly terrain of Ramanagara

Hilly terrain of Ramanagara

What’s the first scene that comes to mind when you think of the movie Sholay? We bet it’s the scene where Gabbar Singh, played by Amjad Khan, is shouting “Kitne aadmi the?” while walking across a hilly landscape. This scene was shot in a small sleepy town called Ramanagara.

The small village of Ramanagara is about 10 km in radius and has seven hills—Yatirajagiri, Sidilakallu Betta Shivaramagiri, Krishnagiri, Somagiri, Revanna Siddeshwara Betta, Jala Siddeshwara Betta and Randevara Betta. Ramadevara Betta is the one that was used for the fictional town of Ramgad in Sholay where Gabbar Singh reigned.

  1. Mumbai

The Gateway of India and boats as seen from the Mumbai Harbour in Mumbai, India

The prison scenes of the film were shot in Mumbai. The prison set was constructed outdoors near Rajkamal Studios in a location that resembled Ramanagara. A lot of lighting equipments was used to match the lighting of the location to Ramanagara.

  1. Big Banyan Tree

Big Banyan Tree

The Yeh dosti song was shot near the Big Banyan tree, which is located in Kettohalli in the Bangalore district of Karnataka. The tree is about 400 years old. It has massive hanging roots and has become a famous picnic spot.

  1. Panvel (Mumbai – Pune)

Panvel (Mumbai – Pune)

Sholay has what is considered the best train robbery scene of any Indian movie. This famous scene was shot at Panvel. It took about eight weeks to shoot and left the viewers spellbound.

  1. Temple at Ramanagara

Temple at Ramanagara

Ramangara has many old temples. At one of these, you can relive the scene in which Jaya Bachchan lights the lamps. This scene took about 20 days to shoot.