Ever wanted to visit the places that you have been reading about in mythological texts since you were a child? If yes, take a look at this handpicked list of our favourite sites in India.

  1. Rameshvaram Temple, Tamil Nadu

Rameshvaram Temple, resting place of the Gods

There are several ways to categorise a holy place in Hinduism. Rameshvaram comes under the category of dhama. Dhamas are the resting places for Gods (especially Vishnu), and among the four dhamas, this one is unique. Since this place is also a Jyotirlinga site, which manifests Lord Shiva, he is the resident deity here. The legend of Ramayana also mentions this place. When Rama was returning after killing Ravana, he played homage to Lord Shiva. The gigantic temple with the longest corridor is located just at the tip of India, bordering the seashore.

Rameshvaram Temple, Tamil Nadu

  1. Trimbakeswar, Maharastara

Rameshvaram Temple, resting place of the Gods

Situated in the Nasik district and on the banks of the river Godavari, Trimbakeswar is a perfect place for some dharma and relaxation. It is also one of the Jyotirlinga sites. This is the perfect pilgrimage site for Shiva devotees.

Trimbakeswar, Maharastara

  1. Tapovan, Nasik

Tapovan is blessed with the footprints of Rama, Laxman and Sita

A holy place mentioned in the Ramayana, Tapovan is blessed with the footprints of Rama, Laxman and Sita who stayed here during their exile. The fascinating story of Laxman cutting off Suparnakha’s nose and ears took place in this very jungle. Surrounded by lush greenery and silence, it is the perfect place to get in touch with your spiritual self.

Tapovan, Nasik

  1. Bairath, Jaipur

The Pandavas spent a year of their exile in Bairath

Bairath plays an important role in the Mahabharata. It is the beauty of this place which attracted the Pandavas to spend a year of their exile here. The Bhim-Ki-Dungri or the cave of Bhim is also located here.

Bairath, Jaipur

  1. Kishkindha, Karnataka

Kishkindha, meeting place for Rama and Sugriva

This is the meeting point for Rama and Sugriva, situated on the northern bank of the river Tungabhadra. Locals fondly call it Kishkindha. This ancient place has a number of temples dedicated to Lord Rama, and a cave which bears the marks of Sita’s ormanent which fell when she was abducted by Ravana.

Kishkindha, Karnataka