There are many festivals celebrated in Europe and all have a colour of their own. The essence of festivity keeps on changing as you move from one country to another. The generosity of Italy, the liveliness of Spain, the panache of London, all will make you groove.

Let us take a look at the seven best European festivals that you must see on your Europe tour:

  1. Christmas


The biggest celebration of the year in the entire Europe is definitely Christmas. The festival remarks the birth of Lord Jesus and the development of a better world. The celebrations start much before Christmas in Europe and end much after. You will find homes and streets decorated, families hosting brunches, carol services and plays going on around the city. The paragon of Christmas lies in bringing families and friends closer, and Europeans understand these sentiments.

Celebrated on: 25th December

  1. Easter


Street Painting During Easter In Croatia

For many it is just a day to eat and exchange chocolate Easter eggs, but for Europeans it is a day of bursting emotions. This weekend reminds us of Jesus’ departure from the world and then his return as an immortal God. Easter is a celebration of Christianity and lays emphasis on the importance of Jesus in their lives. It is considered as the New Year for them and hence the celebrations are done at that level.

Celebarted: Late March/ early April

           3.San Fermi Festival

San Fermi Festival

This Is How Spain Celebrates The San Fermi Festival

This is a festival celebrated in Spain. It does not revolve around the people, but rather revolve around the bulls, quite literally. While some may want to be only an observer, it is difficult to resist from being a part of this festival that is a mix of liquor, fear, earthy small town appeal, and warm climate completes the charm of this offbeat festival.

Celebrated on: 6th July

  1. Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest -Merrymaking And More

This is definitely the most well known festival from the German land. The Oktober festival is the year’s wildest party in Germany. It is also called the beer festival, not because the festival is all about drinking beer, but because that is the best part of this celebration. Other than the beer, delicious food, fun-loving people and foot tapping music, will complete your visit to Germany at this ultimate fun time of the year.

Celebarted: Late September/ early October

  1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day In Europe

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in different parts of Europe. The most interesting one is from Denmark where instead of signing the card, the sender marks a series of dots connecting to their name. If the receiver of the card guesses the name of the sender then their admirer has to buy them an Easter egg. Sounds funny but an interesting way to show and test love.

Celebarted on: 14th February

  1. Halloween


Halloween Celebrations in Denmark

Though Halloween has always been a more hyped festival in the Americas but people in Europe also celebrate it with the same enthusiasm. Pumpkin lanterns, trick-o-treat, dressing blizzard, and all other typical Halloween stuff could be seen in all over Europe. The difference is that Americans celebrate Halloween with craziness and Europeans with subtleness.

Celebrated on: 31st of October

  1. St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Parades And More – Saint Patrick’s Day

This could be titled an assorted blend of festivity as from parade to pint; everything is there in the famous St. Patrick’s Day celebration of Ireland. Traditionally, it was like any other religious feast but soon it turned into the best break of the year for the people of Ireland. If ever you drop into the place in the festive season then do not forget to be part of the famous parade and celebration shows of this four-days-long festival.

Celebrated on: 17th March

So, which festival are you going to next?