Shopping buff? Ready to shop till you drop? The Ramazan Night Bazaar around the magnificent Charminar in Hyderabad is the place for you! During the Muslim holy month of Ramazan, a glittering bazaar is organised throughout the area with a variety of items on sale. A visit here is sure to leave you spell-bound.

The Charminar

The Charminar is Hyderabad’s most recognised monument. It is a symbol of Hyderabad to the world. A grand mosque, it has four distinct ornate minarets attached to grand arches. The area around the Charminar is known as the Old City. It is generally accepted that the Charminar was built by Muhamamd Quli Qutb Shah to commemorate the eradication of the plague. If you’re visiting the Night Bazaar, you must stop by the Charminaar.

The Bazaar

During Ramazan, vehicular traffic is not allowed in the narrow bylanes, so you will have to walk. But this is a bonus as it allows you to go through each shop at your leisure! The closer to Eid you visit, the more crowded it gets, but then, isn’t that the beauty of a bazaar? We look at some of the places you must check out.

Lad Bazaar

The bangle shops beside the Charminaar are famous all over India. A number of bangle sellers sit in a row with bangles of various colours all glittering in the light. Once you start looking, it’s difficult to leave without buying at least a few.

Mehendi Shopping

One corner of the bazaar is also dominated by mehendi-sellers. Take a break from your shopping and get your hands inked in traditional Indian style with henna. The intricate designs will be enough to make you swoon!

Patthar Gatti

Patthar Gatti is where you can start your real, hardcore shopping! This part of the market sells apparel for newborns, children and adults. You might get some of the best deals on apparel here. Beautiful crockery sets are also available here—something else worth checking out!


Now this is a Ramazan speciality. Ittar is natural perfume derived from botanical sources. Their rich aroma will overpower you the moment you step into the bazaar. Free of alcohol or other substances, these perfumes are completely natural and available in small, concentrated quantities. Pick up a bottle and let the aroma wow you!


There can’t be any shopping without food, right? And if you’re shopping in Hyderabad, then the food will be great! If you’re a non-vegetarian, do check out Haleem, a Hyderabadi speciality. There are other snacks as well, which include piping hot kebabs. For vegetarians, hot dosas are a must try. Finish up with the unique Hyderabadi dessert, the sheer—qorma made with seewaiyan!

Other stuff

That’s not all. There’s a plethora of other stuff you can buy like embroidered borders to put on your favourite saris and salwars. You will find colourful hair clips and jewellery at excellent bargains. Carts full of biscuits and chocolates may also tempt you!

Why Should You Visit?

If you’re tired of shopping at the same old malls and buying the same brands, then yes, of course you should visit. It’s a different shopping experience, with lots of festivity to marvel at. You can get some amazing bargains along with shopping the night away. And of course, there’s the beautiful Charminar to look at. Just be prepared for the place to be crowded, and you’ll be able to have a great time.

Getting There

Charminar is a famous landmark in Hyderabad and can be reached easily from any point in the city. Hyderabad being almost centrally located is quite accessible via road from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.