Roaring waters, cloud-kissing mountains, deep gorges, snow-clad peaks and more; Tawang, ‘the land of Monpa’ is known for its cultural, historical and geographical magnificence all over the country. Known as Arunachal Pradesh’s potential tourism hotspot, it shares a strong historical bond with Tibet. Geographically, this beautiful district shares its borders with Bhutan and Tibet. Statistics say that it is India’s 8th least populous place. 75% of the population constitutes tribals from sects like Monpa, Bhotia, Adi etc.

For those who haven’t explored the North-eastern side of India, Tawang is the go-to-destination by all means. Not only it is popular for its ecological charisma, it also has a rich history. This is the main reason that has helped Tawang find its way to the wanderlust-wish list of many Indian and foreign travellers.

Are you planning to travel to this mesmerising place anytime soon? First things first; travelling to a new place without proper information can be perilous. Fret not! I’m putting down a complete Tawang travel guide that will make your journey an enchanting one. Go ahead and take a look:

Tawang – Quick peak at its history

Tawang – Quick peak at its history

Tawang is rich in history

There are vague evidences related to the origin of Tawang. In the medieval era, it was a part of the Tibetan region. It is significant due to the famous 400-year old ancient Tawang Monastery, which is the oldest and biggest monastery in India; also, it is the largest outside of Lhasa. This monastery is the pilgrimage site for the Tibetan Buddhists as it is the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama. Overall, Buddhism remains the primary religion of the people here. The inhabitants of this spectacular town are closely connected to their cultural values till date. Many old age traditions are also followed here.

What’s the weather like:

What's the weather like:

Beautiful weather will leave you mesmerised

Tawang is an epitome of natural beauty. It offers ethereal panoramas to tourists all around the year. If you are planning to pack your bags to this beautiful town, make sure to be equipped with all weather related information. I’ve got some essential details jotted down for you.

Tawang experiences moderate summer season in the months of March to June. The temperature remains comfortable through this time i.e. 5 degree Celsius to 21 degree Celsius. This town witnesses snowy winters and moderate rainfalls. It is this fine balance of weather throughout the year that makes Tawang an astounding vacation spot.

Best time to visit:

Best time to visit:

Any time is a good time here

Summers and the onset of monsoons are considered to be the finest time when you can explore the bounties that nature has endowed this North-eastern town with. According to Tawang Tourism authorities, the time apt for sight-seeing and thereby, the best to visit is in the months of March to June and September to October.

Food, Stay and Tips

Food, Stay and Tips

Sample yummy food here


Tawang is often referred to as a virgin paradise that remains unexplored even today. This is one reason that finding a good accommodation can be a hassle. So, it is suggested that you must pre-book hotels. Choose a travel agent or an online holiday planner for this.


If you are a foodie, Tawang is going to be a festive experience for you. Indulge in some of the relishing delicacies of the region like Thenthuk, Momos, Zan, Kharzi etc. Also, there are myriad incredible restaurants that you can visit for an appetising evening snack.


Shopping can be a fun-filled affair in the mountainous town of Tawang. You can buy souvenirs like Buddhist prayer wheels, rosary beads from here. Wooden carvings, utensils and handicrafts made by Monpa tribe are quite a statement here.

What to see and do in Tawang:

What to see and do in Tawang:

There’s a lot to see here

Places to See: The fantastic marvel of nature that Tawang is, it houses some of the most beautiful spots that tourists can flock to during their visit. Sela Pass, Tawang Monastery, P.T. Tso Lake, Nuaranga Falls are some of the primary tourist spots here.

Things to Do: You can attend popular festivals here like Gaden Ngamchoe Festival, Dukpa Tse-She Festival, and Saka Dawa Festival. Also, you can indulge in a number of adventure sports like rafting and hitch-hiking.

Ah! Just the mere thought of visiting this pinnacle of natural beauty has left me daydreaming. How about you? Now that you have all the vital information at hand, get ready for a beautiful and breathtaking journey to Tawang!


Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
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How To Get Here
Choose your preferred mode

By Air

The nearest airport from Tawang is at Tezpur, Assam at a distance of 386 km. Flights from Kolkata, Guwahati ply on a regular basis. For the next leg of the journey, a traveller can opt for a cab or bus.

By Rail

The nearest railway station from Tawang is at Tezpur, Assam. It is further well-connected to other parts of the country.

By Road

Tawang is reachable from Tezpur via road too. It is connected with the town through a 12-hour journey via gravel-laden roads. The scenic beauty of the region makes all the bumps during the travel worth a while. Regular buses and cabs are available from Tezpur to Tawang. If you plan on doing an adventurous trip to the town, choose a bike for the journey.