Among the most visited and sought after tourist destinations in the world, Agra is a spectacle that is waiting to happen. It is a few hours away from Delhi, is bordered by the culture-rich Mathura on one side, while the land of the Maharajas, Gwalior lies on the other side. Yet, it holds its place among millions of tourists who throng to the city to witness the most epic and most opulent monument ever, the Taj Mahal. Our Agra tour packages take you on a historical tour of this land seeped in legends, castles, forts and of course, heartbreaking love stories. It promises to be an exhilarating experience, highlighted by leisurely walks around the Taj. 

Witness the Taj

Think Agra and you cannot help but think about the ‘the embodiment of all things pure’ as it was called by Rudyard Kipling. The Taj Mahal is visited each year by twice the number of people as the population of Agra. While most people who come to witness the Taj know about its history, there are a few interesting details which people are unaware of. Over 22,000 workers worked to create the awe-inspiring structure with building materials and opulent jewels bought from all around the world. The marble from Rajasthan, turquoise from Tibet, jasper from Punjab, jade from China, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan and sapphire from Sri Lanka. More than 28 types of jewels, gems and precious stones were used and inlaid into the marble in various places. From the spacious lawns to the famed view at sunrise, there are somethings that must be seen to be believed. Speak to us now to know about our Agra tour packages from Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura, Gwalior or other parts of India. 

Same day Agra tour

Crunched for time? We have same day tour packages of Agra that will take you from your Hotel in Delhi to the Taj Mahal and Agra fort and drop you back by evening. This is perfect for tourists who only have a one day stopover at Delhi before proceeding to other parts of India. You will be picked in the morning from your hotel by an English speaking chauffeur who is well versed with the routes and will also introduce you to a guide who will take you around the Taj. We also have some great discounts on our same day Agra tour. Speak to us now to know more about it. 

The Golden Triangle Package

Looking to visit the three most visited parts of Northern India? We have a Golden Triangle Package that covers Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. Depending on your itinerary and the places that you wish to visit in each of these destinations, this tour package can be extended from one day to four or even ten days. This allows you to get a glimpse of some of the best historical monuments in the world, including the Taj, Agra fort, Qutub Minar, Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikri, Buland Darwaza, Amber fort and Hawa Mahal. Our Golden Triangle packages that include Agra can be customized as per your requirements and are available from all over India. 

Make the most of Agra

If you want to soak in the culture and the ambience of Agra from a hotel or a quaint family run homestay that overlooks the Taj from your window, then we have just the itinerary that you would absolutely love. This will give you the opportunity to experience Agra at its best. Are you looking to stay in a hotel that gives you an uninterrupted view of the Taj? We can make that happen. Speak to us now. 

Despite being linked to the Taj forever, there’s more to do in Agra than what you would have imagined. 

Mariam’s Tomb

Away from the hustle and the thronging crowds of the Taj, lies the tomb of Akbar’s wife Mariam. Unlike typical Moghul monuments, this sandstone structure is mostly plain but features a blend of Hindu and Islamic styled architecture which is a rarity. The large ornate lawns and the red sandstone structure against it make a welcome break from the crowds at other monuments in Agra. 

Agra Fort

Two kms away from the Taj lies a magnificent structure spread over 94 acres of land. One of the most historically significant and culturally rich landmarks that has witnessed several dynasties including the Sikawars, the Lodis and finally, Moghuls, Agra fort is one of the most stunning manmade structures on earth. It is famous for its two large gates, the Delhi gate and the Lahore gate. It is also one of the few tourist destinations in India, where there is no provision to buy bottled drinking water. If you want to ensure a perfectly organized Agra tour package, then speak to us today for the best prices. 


Agra is a street shoppers dream come true. There are shops selling everything under the sun but it’s famous for its leather ware, handicrafts and handmade rugs or carpets. Don’t forget to check out the Pietra-Dura, a handcrafted souvenir that uses semiprecious stones. If you want to buy at cheaper rates, head out to the old wholesale markets which have remained largely unaffected by technology for the last 400 years. Our Agra tour packages can take you to the best and little known parts of Agra. Contact us now. 

Agra’s famed cuisine

Agra has its share of culinary classics which can be enjoyed in the form of hygienic street food or on a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the Taj. The choice is yours. Do try the standard breakfast fare, Kachori and Jalebi at least once when you are here. And don’t forget to take home a box of Agra Petha in its many varieties. 

Irrespective of what your idea of an Agra holiday is, we can ensure that it goes hassle free and without any unexpected hiccups that India can throw at you. Speak to us today to get a 10% discount on our same day Agra tour packages as well as on our more elaborate packages that can also be customized to suit your itinerary.