Embrace yourselves, as winter sets in. Each climatic season of the world comes in with a set of festivals that are celebrated keeping in mind the temperatures. As the holiday season too is slowly approaching along with the frosty winds, many parts of the world are gearing up to celebrate their annual winter festivals.

Here are the Top 6 Winter Festivals of the World that one should definitely experience once in their lifetime!

  1. Brits Music and Winter Festival, Switzerland

Brits Music and Winter Festival, Switzerland

Brits Music and Winter Festival

An ice covered land full of skiing tracks and some of the best international DJ’s playing the loudest music – sounds like a paradise? Switzerland, each year, plays host to this musical carnival wherein the visitors are entertained with music, skiing and snowboarding experience and lip-smacking food joints. The interesting part about this festival is that it’s open to all, irrespective of their age or nationality.

  1. Naples Wine Festival

Naples Wine Festival

Naples Wine Festival

What a merrier way to celebrate winter than sipping a glass of warm wine? Bringing the flavours of Italy to the land of Naples, Ritz-Carlton Gold Resort annually organises this two day festival of wine drinking. The festival not only hosts wine for the visitors, but also includes fun auctions, tastings, chef dinners and raises millions of funds for the underprivileged children.

  1. Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapparo Snow Festival is all about beautifully carved miniature architectures and statues. The catch is that these sculptures are carved out of pure ice. Complimenting the freezing temperature of Japan in the month of February, Sapporo Snow Festival is a world famous festival; with over 2 million people attending the festival every year. The entire festival is spread across the lines of Odori Park, central grounds of the community dome Tsudome and streets of Susukino.

  1. Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

An absolute family carnival, Quebec hosts the winter festival during the last week of January, every year. With an array of fun winter rides, camping experiences, dance parties and village spas; this winter carnival is a paradise for people of all ages. The winter fun rides consist of 400 ft. long ice slide, snow rafting and dog sled racing. The camping experience and village visits turn out to be an adventurous experience for both children and adults.

  1. Yukon Quest, Alaska

Yukon Quest, Alaska

Yukon Quest

Winter festivals are incomplete without mentioning Alaska on the list. The ice-land draws tourists from all over the world in the month of February, for their annual contest. Sled Dog race, which is a 1,000 mile long trekking competition, comes with a cash price of $35,000. Generally participated in by the locals, tourists gather in large quantities to cheer up the participants; who step out on a 16-day trekking from Fairbanks – Alaska to Whitehorse – Canada.

  1. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, South Korea

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, South Korea

Hwacheaon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

If one wants to visit the real winter deal, then South Korea is the place to visit in the month of January. Hwacheon, located in the Gangwon province of South Korea, celebrates the winter season with some of their most local winter activities. Right from going ice fishing with bare hands to feasting on the grilled mountain trout, South Koreans offer a great deal of hospitality for the tourists who visit their country. To add on the winter spirit, Hwacheon also holds up an exhibition of ice sculptures; that are prepared for over 20 weeks before the commencement of the festival.

Have you attended any of these winter festivals, yet?