Winter is almost upon us, but before the chilly winds pick up, nature as wonderful as it is, goes through the most beautiful of changes. All around us the leaves turn to red, yellow and orange which beckons the oncoming winters with a very pleasing sight. Here are the top 5 places around the world to see colourful autumn leaves.

  1. Agawa Canyon, Canada

Every leaf is now a flower

Tucked away from humans in the remote district of Algoma, Ontario, the Agawa Canyon is a beautiful wildlife reserve. In the season of autumn, one can visit the lookout which is situated 76 metres (250 ft.) above the railway tracks that runs through the wildlife park for a magnificent view. Tourists can also go for a scenic tour on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train to admire the beautiful autumn foliage.

Agawa Canyon, Canada

  1. Forest of Dean, England A mosaic of nature

The season of autumn transforms this historic woodland into a fairy-tale landscape. This forest in the Gloucestershire region of England was once used as a hunting ground by the English nobility. The golden yellow, orange and red leaves that sprout during the autumn here has also inspired many a medieval ballads and even today it attracts a lot of tourists who come to enjoy and admire the splendour of the fall leaves.

  1. Loire Valley, France

The Valley of Kings

With forest trails and vineyards radiating the colours of autumn, the Loire Valley is perfect of those who have a hobby of peeping autumn leaves. Plus, this is also the season of harvest for the local vineyards, which means that tourists can indulge in a glass of France’s famous wines, while appreciating the nature’s vibrant colour show across the horizon.

Loire Valley, France

  1. Douro Valley, Portugal

Comfy sweaters and warm drinks

The Duoro valley, situated in the Northern Portugal is remodelled into a natural masterpiece of red, yellow and orange. The vineyards there are cultivated upon the hills in a terraced fashion and come autumn, these hills begin to look like beautiful paintings, streaked with the fall colours. You can also take a relaxing boat ride on the calm Duoro River running below the mountains and appreciate the autumn leaves from a different perspective.

Douro Valley, Portugal

  1. Bavaria, Germany

Every leaf whispers bliss

Bavaria is beautiful regardless of the seasons, but as soon as the leaves start to turn, the landscapes change ever so drastically. The snow-capped Alpine mountains with the forests bathed in the colours of fall make for a very scenic and pleasing view. To truly appreciate the beauty of autumn in Southern Germany have a go at some their famous lager and experience nature’s second spring.

If autumn leaf peeping is your hobby and you’re always in search of places where you can experience the colour play of nature in all its glory, then these top 5 places around the world to see colourful autumn leaves should be high on your list.