Bangkok is known more as one of the craziest cities in the world. The Vegas or the Sin city of the East, something that’s on the bucket list of every bachelor in the world. But you’d be surprised to know that this pearl of the east is also a perfect destination for a honeymoon or a family getaway. From chasing delicate butterflies and getting awed at the fascinating marine life, to enjoying an exciting boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, our Bangkok family tour packages are a delight for everyone.

Bangkok is usually the hub for everyone looking to hop off to different areas in Thailand. But it has so much on offer in itself that you can spend ten days and still not have enough of it. It has an electric vibe that is comparable to the best and busiest cities of the world. Yet, on another side it has some of the most pristine beaches, serene temples and picturesque coral reeves. Walk up a limestone cliff and plunge into the cerulean waters. Or take to the air in a parasailing ride. Bangkok will keep you on your toes and you will return home with memories etched in your mind forever. Contact us today for unbelievable rates on Bangkok tour packages.

Soak in the Bangkok Buzz

Bangkok offers unbelievable opportunities for the backpacker. Great street food, budget priced hotels and ridiculously cheap transport, it is a traveler’s wildest dream come true. And our Bangkok Tour Packages take you through the heart of the city, guiding you through some of the wildest night spots and letting you explore alone where it warrants solitude. 

The Street Food

Bangkok is renowned for its tasty and healthy Thai food that is best experienced on the streets of the city. Go to the foreigner’s eat street called Sukhumvit Soi 38        or Yaowarat road and get a firsthand experience of the amazing variety on display. These markets are open all night and are perfect for street hoppers who like to get the real feel of Bangkok. Our Bangkok Tour Packages will let you enjoy Bangkok like you’ve never thought possible. Contact us now to get some great deals for the upcoming holiday season. 

The Temples

Temples are called Wats in Bangkok and there are 400 large and small wats dotting the landscape. The most famous and popular ones include the Wat Phra Kaew that is located in the picturesque historic center of the town and on the grounds of the Grand palace. This enormous Buddhist temple houses 100 buildings and will stun you with its colorful mosaics, artwork and figurines. Visit the Wat Pho temple and see the 46 meter long reclining Buddha statue that is covered in gold leaf. This is also the original home of the Thai massage. Speak to us today for a historical tour of Bangkok. 

The Nightlife

A Bangkok tour package would be incomplete without a mention of the world famous nightlife scene. Are you ready for the sin city? Head to Soi Cowboy alone or with your friends in tow and enjoy a drink or two in one of the many bars that dot this street. The more adventurous can head to the Calypso Cabaret and enjoy a ‘katoey’ dance show. Don’t know what that means? Ask someone in Bangkok when you land here. Want to grab a glimpse of the entire city? Head to the Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. It’s a classy and chic place that gives you amazing 360 degree views of the city. By the way, don’t miss out on a dirt cheap Whiskey bucket on Khao San Road and grab a Tuk Tuk to reach back to your cozy hotel room. We know our Bangkok night life people. Speak to us now to grab great deals on your Bangkok tour packages. 


The number of people who fly to Bangkok exclusively to shop are rising each year and if you have never experienced the Bangkok shopping market, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. You get some of the best street fashion at prices that would leave you amazed. Even the most spendthrift tourist will return home with bags loaded with things picked up from Bangkok. From Siam Paragon to Terminal 21, MBK, Platinum Fashion Mall and the Chatuchak weekend market, we can set you up for an amazing Bangkok tour that will allow you, to shop to your hearts content. 

The Thai Massage

How would you return from Bangkok without some indulgence? After street hopping, bar hopping, drinking the night away and shopping, you will be dying for some relaxation. There is nothing more relaxing that a wonderful massage from some of the most skilled masseurs in the world. You can choose from an oil massage, a neck massage, a foot massage and many more exotic varieties that will melt away the stress in you. 

The Family holiday

Watch the glee on your child’s face as they sit in a simulation flight riding the Boeing 737. This is one of the most realistic experiences that has even been featured in numerous movies. Take them surfing at flow rider, spend some great fun time at the Trick Eye 3D museum or watch some of the cutest baby animals that you will ever see at Safari World. Like we said before, there’s enough to do in Bangkok that will make it a great family holiday. We have some great discounts on family Bangkok tour packages. Get in touch today. 

Escape to Thailand

If you are looking for the best Thailand packages that includes Bangkok, Koh Sa Mui, Krabi and Phuket, then speak to us to get the best customized itinerary that is based on your interests. Get the best of pristine beaches, corals, sun, surf, jungles, cities and a bustling nightlife. Bangkok will amaze you with its variety. Ensure that you make your first experience a memorable one with our tailor made Bangkok tour packages.