Of all the things that matter to a couple on their wedding day, the venue is undoubtedly the most important detail to be ironed out. With the entire world now just a flight away, you can choose to wed anywhere in the world. Find out why Bali is the perfect destination for you to exchange vows with your partner.

People, especially women, often dream of their wedding as the most special event of their entire lives. It is the beginning of a new stage of life, a step towards an entirely new partnership so the destination has to match up with the special beginning. Bali is one such dream destination that can make your wedding a beautiful fairytale affair.

The Setting: The Beautiful Shores of Bali

Exchange weddings vows on a scenic beach in Bali

Exchange weddings vows on a scenic beach in Bali (Source)

Picture a tropical beach tucked far away from the bustle of cities, lined by coconut palms and little thatched huts. Imagine the sound of gentle waves hitting the shore as you walk up to the aisle under a cloudless blue sky. Your soon-to-be spouse is standing up there, with love in his eyes and a gentle wind in his hair. Exotic flowers and traditional Balinese decorations adorn the canopies all around. Imagine exchanging wedding vows with your soon-to-be partner-for-life just as the sun is setting over the horizon, lending a mellow orange glow to the sky.

Reception under the Stars

Hobnob with guests under the beautiful Balinese night sky

Hobnob with guests under the beautiful Balinese night sky (Source)

Revel in the blessings and good wishes of your family and friends under a charming night sky illuminated by countless stars and festive lights. Hire traditional Balinese folk singers and dancers to entertain your guests, and dish out a lavish culinary spread with special focus on local Balinese delicacies for which this small island is well-known. To keep your guests happily occupied while you prepare for your big day, you can also make arrangements for local guided tours, boat trips on the turquoise waters or snorkelling opportunities for the more adventurous of the lot. Do that, and be ready to get complimented all year round for ‘the wedding that took everyone’s breath away’!

How To Get Here
The fastest and most convenient way to get to Bali is by flying to Denpasar Airport located 15 kilometres out of the city. Cabs can easily be hailed from outside the airport, but for a wedding party, it is recommended to pre-book cab services so as to avoid delays and hassles. Another, more romantic way to reach Bali is aboard a cruise liner. Fly the wedding guests out to Singapore, and book a cruise from there on till Bali. Better still, organise a wedding function on board the cruise to make it an even more memorable wedding.

Where to Stay

Live off the edge: Stay in a hill-top hotel in Bali

Live off the edge: Stay in a hill-top hotel in Bali (Source)

Nusa Dua is a delightful little peninsular region in south Bali, well known for a plethora of high-end hotels and resorts perfect for the destination wedding of your dreams. Another fun idea is to get married atop a cliff in one of the beautiful villas in Bali. You could have an open-air wedding on the porch with a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean below. Other popular destinations for a happening wedding are Jimbaran and Tanjung Benoa, home to some of Bali’s finest resorts and hotels.

A destination wedding in Bali is sure to earn you the ‘wedding of the year’ tag amongst your friends, as also to make you fall in love with your partner all over again during your lovely, romantic holiday in the tropical paradise that is Indonesia.