Canada abounds in natural beauty. You can find every kind of terrain here; from mountains to rainforests to huge coastlines and even a small desert. Nature has been really kind to this part of the world.

One visit to Canada and you are sure to return to this beautiful country again. Why? Because it has so much to offer – from big-shouldered mountains chiselled into rugged splendour by glaciers, large fields of golden wheat dancing in the wind kissing the blue sky at the horizon. There are also provinces that boast serpentine and beautiful coastlines, some are famous for the cover of ice blankets and believe it or not there is also a small desert. That’s a beautiful applique work done by Nature.

Canada offers multitude of activities for travellers. In summer, raft on wild rapids or paddle along placid lakes, you could go on a trek or enjoy cycling in the quiet islands. In winter, enjoy skiing down the slopes of Whistler or Mont Tremblant, enjoy an outdoor carnival or just relax at the wonderful Ice Hotel near Québec City.

The world’s second largest country is a delightful mélange of cultures. The exceptional hospitality of warm and welcoming people will leave you spell bound. There are three territories and ten provinces in Canada.

Culturally rich Canada

People are warm and friendly here

Better known as nation of nations , Canada has a good mix of people from a lot of nationailities like Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, China, Japan and more. Culture from immigrants and the aboriginal people have mixed together and have been incorporated into the mainstream Canadian culture. If you a traveller who loves to talk to locals, explore and like to delve into different cultures and traditions then Canada will offer you an unmatched holiday experience.

Shop till you drop

Shopping is fun in Canada

Shopping is fun and therapeutic in Canada with most of the malls and shops open from 9 am or 10 am to 6 pm in the evening, seven days a week you can shop to your heart’s content. Almost all the malls are open on Sundays too while the city stores and suburban shopping centres are open until 9 pm on several weeknights specially Thursday and Friday. From huge malls like the Eaton Centre in Toronto and the shopping nirvana of Rue Saint Catherine Ouest in Montréal to tiny bookstores in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada has something for every shopper to bring home.

Amazing Drives in Canada

Canada has many scenic road drives

The scenic drives in Canada with well-maintained highways make for the most memorable road trips. The journey on the road will be your destination. Some of the interesting drives are: Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; Navigator’s Route, Québec, New France; Parks Route, Manitoba; Icefields Parkway, Banff/Jasper, Alberta; Klondike Trail, Alberta and Yukon; Pacific Rim Highway, Vancouver Island, British Columbia; Waterfalls Route, Northwest Territories.

Wine and Dine

Wine lovers are in for a pleasant surprise here

You will be surprised with the number of options Canada has to offer for people who love good food and wine. Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver boast interesting and diverse regional dishes. While Montréal is the nation’s fine-dining capital, food is appreciated on all levels throughout its home province of Québec thanks to a tradition of artisanal food producers. Travellers will also discover a thriving microbrewery scene. British Columbia’s craft brewing is also one of the best in North America. Canada’s wines are gaining even greater recognition than its beer. The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula have many superb wineries that are well worth visiting. Make sure to try some icewine, the sweet dessert tipple made from grapes frozen on the vine.

15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Northern lights – watch it once and you will never forget it

With as many as 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Canada has a diverse collection of preserves, both cultural and natural. Canada’s first Natural World Heritage Site, Nahanni, has a wild river that rages under the midnight sun while its newest – the Joggins Fossil Cliffs – is a paleontologist’s dream, a ‘coal age Galápagos’ of bizarre, 300-million-year-old fossils. Finish off a day of exploring with a soak in hot springs beneath Northern Lights.

All pics courtesy: Destination Canada

Diverse and varied landscape is just other name for Canada. No two days will be alike for a traveller in Canada. With superlative landscape, wonderful adventure activities and best of hospitality a visit to Canada is a must.

How To Get Here
By Air

Canada is well connected with all the major airlines flying in and out of Canada. The major airports of Canada are Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal- Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Calgary International Airport and more.

Within Canada

VIA Rail is a wonderful and a very convenient option to travel within Canada.