India is a land that will never cease to amaze you. On one side of the country lies the parched sand dunes of Rajasthan and on the other, lie the mighty snow clad Himalayas. Nestled in its foothills lies a land like non other, Darjeeling.

With an unparalleled view of never ending layers of tea gardens and the might Kanchenjunga ranges that dwarf everything around it, Darjeeling is a nature lover’s paradise. With more than one trekking route, delectable Himalayan cuisine and surrounded by lush green valleys, you will want to stay in Darjeeling forever. But the precarious terrain and the limited number of access routes make it a challenging tour to organize. We have the best Darjeeling tour packages that include everything from Tea gardens to monasteries and dedicated trekking routes through the jungles. 

Experience the best of Darjeeling

You will get lost in time as you view the panoramic vistas over Tiger Hills with the Kanchenjunga spreading its arms wide open. For the adventurous soul, yearning for some adventure, we can take you on a trek to Sandakphu. And don’t forget to carry a spare battery for your camera because the terrain won’t allow you to stop clicking pictures. Everywhere that your head turns will be a photographic opportunity in waiting.  Mirik, Lava, Kalimpong and Lolegaon will leave you mesmerized with their picturesque settings. Our Darjeeling tour packages are tastefully designed and we ensure that we do not leave out any attraction. From the popular ones like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Aloobari Gompa and the Ghoom monastery to the lesser known ones, we cover them all. 

A land lost in time

Darjeeling is a lot like a land lost in time. There are ornate bungalows which lie unencumbered by the glorious days of the British era. Head to the planters club to witness the faded photos which reveal the fervor which the British had for quaint places in the hills like these. There’s a potpourri of culture on the Chowrasta, Darjeeling’s main square with Nepalese, Bhutanese, Tibetans and Indians sharing their daily dose of gossip with each other. There are no pushy vendors nor autorickshaws chasing you. You are left at your own leisure to walk around this stunningly beautiful town that is called the queen of hill stations by many.  Our Darjeeling tour packages take you into the heart of the tea estates that dot this town and introduce you to the champagne of teas. Don’t be surprised if one of the locals shows you the right away to enjoy this beverage which may seem a tad noisy for you. Just close your eyes and drink it the right way. Want to stay in a beautiful cottage surrounded by acres of undulated tea gardens? Speak to us today for the most amazing Darjeeling tour package. 

The Toy Train Package

A trip to Darjeeling will not be complete without a ride in the amazing Toy Train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR). You may have read about it, may have witnessed it in movies or may have cherished a secret dream to ride in it. This is one of the only trains in the world that has a UNESCO World Heritage status. A toy train ride is included in our Darjeeling tour package. No amount of words can describe the feel of riding in this narrow gauge train that is an important part of Darjeeling’s culture. As it meanders through the mountains, you will be left gaping at the valleys that open up in all its glory. The curves and maneuvers that the tiny train with the steam engine makes as it pulls all the tiny coaches up the mountains is unbelievable. From taking a strong start to suddenly crawling at snail’s pace, it is a ride to be cherished by every tourist looking to visit Darjeeling. Don’t panic if you find the train skidding suddenly or the attendant sprinkling sand on the tracks. Just another part of life here in Darjeeling. For the best and most authentic experience of a joy ride, speak to us about organizing a ride in the original steam loco which is only available at select times for joyrides. 

The Honeymoon Package

There is no better place for honeymooners than Darjeeling with its serene atmosphere, snowcapped peaks, wooden cottages hidden away in tea estates, the aroma of scented pines and waking up sipping the Darjeeling tea with amazing views of the stunning mountain ranges. If Darjeeling was not in your wish list, then there’s every reason for you to consider adding it now. Speak to us for an unforgettable honeymoon package in Darjeeling. 

The family package

Apart from watching the glee on your children’s face as they enjoy the joy ride in the toy train, we can churn up the most perfect family package for you in Darjeeling. Visit Happy Valley Tea Estate, the world’s second oldest tea estate and witness tea pickers at work. Head to glenary’s to enjoy a giant sandwich with a view of the Kangchenjunga. Taste the local momos in their many flavors and fillings, head to the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park to see a live snow leopard, a Tibetan panda and a Tibetan wolf. These creatures are so elusive that even seeing one live is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most. Darjeeling will keep you entertained in so many ways. The only thing you need by your side is the right travel partner. Speak to us to make your Darjeeling experience an exhilarating one. 

Packages from all over India

We can organize your Darjeeling tour packages from all over India with connecting options from Delhi and Calcutta to Bagdogra. If you choose to travel by train then we can connect you to New Jalpaiguri and start the tour package from there. The customization options in our Darjeeling tour packages are endless. You can club it with other equally beautiful destinations like Sikkim, Gangtok and Peiling which take you on an unbelievable journey through some of the most unexplored terrain in India. From sightseeting, private transfers, comfortable and cozy hotels, quaint homestays, the most delectable cuisine and pocket friendly prices, we can make your dream holiday come true. Speak to us today.