Russia is known for its chilling winters, so most people prefer to escape from here to save themselves from the enormously cold weather. But, if you are one of those who want to increase the adrenalin rush amidst the high snow-covered peaks and extremely low temperatures, then visiting Russia during winters is a perfect choice for you.

Though, the place remains extremely bleak; winter is still believed to be one of the best seasons to witness the captivating beauty of Russia. Not only the place offers you with enchanting landscapes, but it is also home to innumerable winter sports activities, where you can indulge yourself while enjoying at alluring sightseeing places of Russia. So, pack your bags, book your tickets and get ready to visit these top 5 winter destination of Russia.

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Being a part of Russia since 17th century, Siberia is an extensive region that occupies a huge territory with a wide variety of climatic conditions and beautiful landscapes. Siberia is also a place, where winters are so cold that even minus 60 degree centigrade is considered as normal. But, even at such a low temperature, the place does not stop enjoying and welcoming its visitors. So, if you are planning to witness the real adventure of winter, don’t forget to visit Siberia this season.

Places to visit: Stolby National Park, Novosibirsk Zoo, Enisey River, Lake Baikal, Shamanka Rock

Place to stay: Avrora Hotel, Mergen Bator Hotel, Hotel Metelitsa, International Hotel Sayen

The Urals
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Stretching across the Kara Sea in the north to Kazakhstan in the south, The Urals mark the border amidst the continent of Europe and Asia. Recognized as the oldest mountains in the world, it is also home to countless nature reserves and ski slopes. The stories of UFO and other nature anomalies are also quite common here, so not only you can enjoy some sporty or adventurous time here, but your trip will be added with a little touch of mystery. Additionally, apart from being home to historic sculptures and beautiful landscapes, the tourist infrastructure in the Urals is considered to be one of the most developed places in the country.

Places to visit: Ipatiev House, Lake Karachay, Archeopark, Ural Lighting

Places to stay: Hyatt Regency, Renomme, Onegin Hotel, Green Park Hotel

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If you are visiting Russia in winters, you cannot avoid witnessing the charm of the capital city Moscow. As soon as you enter the place, you will be welcomed by icy roads, snowy trees followed by chilly winter storms and extremely low temperature. But, this is the season, when Moscow tourism is at its peak, housing some of the best festivals of this world. Moreover, if you are a lover of sports, you can enjoy some quality time with your family or friends while ice skating, taking an ice-breaker cruise or enjoying snowman parades.

Place to visit: Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin Armoury, Pushkin Museum, Bolshoi Theatre

Place to stay: Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya, Lotte Hotel Moscow, Dedeman Park Izmailovo

St. Petersburg
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Though, recognized as the second largest city of Russia, icy and cold are the two words that completely define the winters of St. Petersburg. So, if you are planning to visit here during your Russia trip this season, it’s advisable to be prepared to deal with a city fully covered with snow all around, along with long dark nights that are followed by extremely low temperature and cold days. On the other hand, you will be mesmerized by the captivating views of the frozen rivers and amazing snowflakes in the sun. Apart from the beautiful landscape, the city also offers with some great restaurants to have continental cuisines and spend some adventurous moments while enjoying popular winter activities like ice-skating and skiing.

Places to visit: Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Winter Palace, Nevesky Prospect

Places to stay: Alexander House, Baby Lemonade Hostel, Soul Kitchen, Stony Island Hotel, Pushka Inn Hotel

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Winter is probably the best season to visit Russia, especially if your destination is Suzdal. Recognized as a living museum, this picturesque small city is home to incredible numbers of unique museums, ancient churches, and national parks. Here, the historical monuments have kept the classical style and texture to ensure its visitors with a cultural appeal. Though, the place is quite frigid, the hospitality served here is full of warm-heartedness. This is the reason tourists cannot ignore visiting Suzdal while they are on a trip to Russia.

Places to visit: Museum Of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life, Spaso-Evfimiyev Monastery Museum Complex, Suzdal Kremlin, Church of Saints Boris and Gleb in Kideksha

Places to stay: Svetly Terem Hotel, Art Hotel Nikolaevsky Posad, Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel, Suzdal Townhouses

Don’t forget to book your tickets to the frozen world of Russia and get ready to encounter a place, which is more like a book of fairy tale.

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There is a wonderful air connectivity between India and Russia, with major carriers being Aeroflot, Air India and Fly Dubai. Russia is of course well connected with other parts of the world too.