With endless valleys, a bounty of colorful flora and ancient Buddhist monuments, Gangtok is straight out of a fairytale. With diverse cultures and religions coming together to form the perfect mélange, the city is the perfect tourist destination that is welcoming and warm. As you enter Gangtok, you will be greeted by the many monasteries that dot this hill town. Each one of these have their share of anecdotes from yore to share and not to mention the amazing artistry on display. Surrounded by some of the most pristine forests of the Himalayan foothills, Gangtok promises to be the stress buster that you have always yearned for. The ideal place to kick back with a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee as the cool breeze wafts in through the window. We have the perfect Gangtok tour packages that include airfare, transfers and private transport for families, couples and solo travelers. 

Just like the mystical and the mythical air about it, the city is also known for the regional fare that are extremely popular all around the world. There are handlooms, handicrafts, jewelry, culinary delights and woolen wear to choose from. If you would like to visit Gangtok, then speak to us today to get a custom tour. 

Did you know that Gangtok is the only city in the country that has a litter and spit free zone? There’s a plethora of adventure activities that will delight even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie? There are ample of sightseeing opportunities for the families who come here. Here are some of the highlights of this amazing little hill station. 

Packages for the adventure seekers

Gangtok is a lesser known river rafting destination that offers river rapids of grade I-IV+. Unlike the much crowded Rishikesh, rafting in Gangtok is usually a solitary experience with no other rafts around you. The experience is amazing and must be enjoyed. Rafting is carried out in the river Teesta that flows through the capital of Sikkim and has its share of choppy waters. And if that doesn’t catch your fancy, then you can head to Makha, the next town that is 11 kms away and raft all the way until Rangpo passing through Sirwani. Don’t forget to be awed by the surrounding mountains as you float through these waters. For people who like to seek adventure on the land, we have a better option. Hop on to the back of a Yak as the gentle beasts slowly prod and climb their way to the Tsongmo lake. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the colors and soak in the mountain air of Gangtok. The Yak trail meanders through some of the most picturesque locales that you can see. 

And it’s not over yet. To get enthralled by the views of the mighty Kanchenjunga, hop on to a glider and glide over the valleys and over the beautiful city itself. Would you like to enjoy adventure sports during your Gangtok holiday? Contact us today for huge discounts on our winter packages.

Gangtok for families

Children scream in glee as the ropeway takes them on a ride through Gangtok’s skyline. The 1 km zigzag route is usually associated with gaping mouthed kids taking their selfies with beaming parents in tow. And if you have a phobia of heights, then you must definitely take the ride because it’s only 7 minutes and it gives you a true bird’s eye view of Gangtok and the Khandchendzonga. May is the month of the flowers in Gangtok and it is nature’s bounty at its very best. Everywhere you see, you will be surrounded by flowers in a spectrum of colors making it the perfect time for a family holiday. You can also visit the world famous flower festival which sees Gangtok getting decked in a wide array of local and exotic flowers including orchids, seasonal flowers, alpine creepers and more. This is also the time when the food stalls tantalize your taste buds and your olfactory senses with the aroma of freshly cooked local delicacies all over town. Speak to us today to get early bird discounts on our summer packages to Bangkok when you can visit the flower festival in perfect weather. 

Gangtok Solo packages

Bitten by the wanderlust and solo travel? Gangtok is just the place to be. From quaint little hotels with stunning views of the hills to meandering roads that are perfect for biking and cycling, there’s a plethora of things to do in Gangtok. Head to one of the many monasteries and speak to the monks while sipping herbal tea. Come in winter to witness the annual ‘Gangtok food and culture festival’ when MG marg gets decked with souvenir shops and cafes. Want to get a glimpse of the ancient Buddhist culture that is supposed to be the most peaceful one on earth? Head to the Namgyal institute of Tibetology that is a treasure trove of paintings, murals, ancient scriptures and relics that give you a glimpse into the vast and colorful history of Tibet. And how can a trip to Gangtok be complete without a solo bike ride to Nathula pass? Situated at 14,140 feet above Sea level, this will take you to one of the highest mountain passes in the world. This was the hub of trade in the Asian subcontinent, the Silk route. As you ride on this road, a curious shepherd will stare at you with his herd of goats, you will get to witness some of the hidden lakes and if you are really lucky, some of the fauna might pay a small visit, including the ever elusive snow leopard and the Tibetan Wolf. You can get the true Gangtok experience with one of our custom tour packages. To know more and to get some amazing early bird offers, speak to us today.