Thailand qualifies to be the ultimate honeymoon destination; reasons are galore. We give you a low down on what to do there and how to turn up the heat.

Congratulations, so you just got hitched. What next? Dream of flying down to an exotic location for the honeymoon mingling? How soaking the sun at the best beaches, partying endlessly and yet saving many Bahts, while you’re at it?

Rejuvenate at Krabi

Krabi Island

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The first thing that comes to your mind as the flight descends on the coastal ports of Thailand is simply lying on a secluded beach and unwinding the stress of getting married. It’s time to relax, slurp up some coastal concoctions and enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand’s some of the most serene islands. Krabi is one of the 130 secluded islands that offer a trip to the nearby caves, coral watching and offers a picturesque sunset to kiss over and welcome the night life.

Experience Beachfront Stay at Hua Hin

Hua Hin Island

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Among many beautiful islands of Thailand, we have the Hua Hin Island, which is majorly famous for its beachfront resorts and world famous golf courses. Find the beachfront resort that fits your budget and set out on a long stroll along the beach and whisper love to each other. End the day by indulging in seafood over a candlelight dinner by the waterfront.

Show Your Grooves at Koh Samui

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Now that you have done with the rejuvenation part and jet lagging, book a boat to the Koh Samui Island; and don’t forget to visit it post sun-set. Make merry on the Koh Samui island as you follow the party rhythm of the world famous ‘full-moon party’ that the locals vouch for. Absolutely safe and intimate amidst the glowing crowd, chug beers or simply stroll through the night sky and fall in love with the moment.

Take a Couple Adventure Package in Phuket

Buddhist Temple in Phuket

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One of the most commercially developed locations in Thailand, Phuket offers many couple activities that one can indulge in. The most famous of all is the snorkelling experience that comes with professional training and can be taken by non-swimmers as well. If you’re more interested in the land, then spend some time at the Patong-Beach for a Thai massage and then head-over to the night street for some discotheque crashing.

Experience Nature

Doi Inthanon National Park

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For the love of nature and adventures, take a hike away from the hustle-bustle of the beach life and trek your way up to the Doi Inthanon National Park. Share your love for nature over a walk through the jungle vegetation of the highest point in Thailand. Experience the real tribal life of Thailand and stay awake at night to witness rarest of the rare as the place offers guided wild-safari tours after dark.

Dine and Wind up at Bangkok

Bangkok City

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Post experiencing the natural beauty of Thailand, head on to the hub of shopping and rich city life of Bangkok. Begin your day by visiting some of the most prominent Buddhist temples and pray for a prosperous life ahead and then head on to the shopping streets of Bangkok for typical flea-market experience. Don’t forget to try out the local fruits and other road-side snacks of Thai preparation while you’re at it. Conclude the day with a rooftop dinner, with some city lights and star gazing and some cupid-struck moments of love.

Thailand is a paradise for every kind of couple; be it adventurous, laid back or even the serious party animal kind. What makes Thailand ideal is the fact that it offers budget friendly dine and stay options to choose from with the best of natural beauty and romantic moments that one can dream of.