The India Surf Festival is the biggest and most adventurous camping surf festival in the country. Started in February 2012, ISF grew in popularity faster than its organisers anticipated.

The India Surf Festival turns four years old in 2015, and the event promises to be nothing short of exciting. Attendees from previous years are sure that this year, too, ISF will live up to its spirit of ‘oneness’. ISF 2015 is sure to attract more visitors, performers and viewers, and continue to host a variety of activities. The three day festival will be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February 2015 at Ramchandi Beach, Odisha. If you love beaches and beach activities, if you’re a fan of surfing and if you love meeting people from different places, then you have a whole lot of reasons to not miss the India Surf Festival in 2015.

Out in the blue a surfer battles

Image Source: ISF Facebook page

Surf Expression Championship

The highlight of the India Surf Festival is the Surf Expression Championship. Surfers battle it out in the ocean by showing off their moves and skills. A series of exciting acts with endless freestyle moves is what this championship has in store for you.


India SUP Cup is a ‘Stand Up Paddle’ championship featuring paddle racers from more than 10 countries. The race track is designed around a river. The race is challenging and a test of the racers’ skills, and this makes it an exciting event.

Beginners’ courses

There are beginners’ courses for others to experience the ocean on an SUP board. This is a guided activity with appropriate security measures and allows people of different ages to try their hands at floating on a paddle board.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a major attraction at ISF as it is an adrenalin-charged sport. Kite surfers from around the world attend the festival to demonstrate their skills and versatility in aerial acrobatics..

Yoga on water

A very famous workshop at ISF is Yoga on Water. This is exciting for some and a uniquely relaxing activity for many. Yoga on Water is definitely one of a kind, as people get to experience being taught by Yoga experts from places like India, Spain, USA and Switzerland.


Longboarding is a hugely famous sport in the modern world. ISF attracts longboarders from all over the world who come and display their skills in this advanced form of skateboarding—a display of pure skill, speed and cruising.

What else?

Apart from beach sports and yoga workshops, the India Surf Festival will showcase works of art, music and photography.

The India Surf Festival is held on the Puri-Konark Marine Drive. The nearest station is Puri or Bhuwaneshwar, both of which are well connected to major stations in the country. The minimum cost of accommodation for one person is Rs 1500 for one day and Rs 7500 for a package of three days. The package includes festival entry, a camping tent, breakfast and lots more. The organizers have put up detailed information about venues and arrangements on the official ISF website: