Hidden away in the mighty Himalayas in India, lies a land like none other. Ladakh, India’s over own version of Tibet is on the bucket-list of many an ardent traveler. Be it for the vast expanses of nothingness or the towering rocky peaks that divide it from Tibet or the oldest tantric Buddhist sect, there are many reasons to visit this barren icy desert that will leave you bewildered and have you looking inward for some soul searching. 

Ladakh is land-locked or cut off from the rest of the world for a large part of the year. So, we have tastefully created Ladakh packages take you to these mesmerizing land in near-perfect weather, crossing some of the tallest and highest mountains en route. Get ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life that will leave its mark on you permanently.  

Making the most of Ladakh

One of the things that we have noticed is that travelers visiting Ladakh want to start exploring the stunning terrain from the moment they step off the airplane at Leh or step out of their vehicle. We don’t blame them. Ladakh has that mesmerizing quality about it. 

But to ensure that you can make the most out of every minute that you spend in this splendor of nature, we have created a bevy of Ladakh packages that allows you to choose the most ideal one that best suits your description of a holiday here. There are no limits to be honest. 

If thinking of Ladakh makes you picture yourself riding on a Royal Enfield on an endless meandering road with uninhibited views of the mighty Karakoram, that’s precisely what you are going to get. 

If the word Ladakh means serenity spent in an ancient monastery sipping herbal tea with a monk, we have you covered.

If your idea of a holiday in Ladakh is to spend a night under a billion stars on the bank of the turquioise waters of Pangong lake in a cozy tent for two, you are at the right place. 

From families looking for an all-inclusive tourism itinerary that covers the essentials and includes a few extras, to the adrenaline junkie looking to trek solo in the quest for the elusive snow leopard, we have Ladakh packages for everyone. 

Things to do in Ladakh

And if you are coming to Ladakh with a blank slate, unplanned, unclouded by all the pictures that are thronging Instagram and on the internet, then here’s a small guide of the things that you can expect from this place that’s lost-in-time. 

These are only a handful of the things that are covered in our itineraries. 

Pangong Lake: Situated at a height of 14,270 feet above sea level, lies Pangong Tso, a 134 Km long water reservoir that looks like a part of the sky above it got immersed in it. The cerulean waters will take you to a state of trance that will only be amplified as the night sets in. Our Ladakh package includes day trips as well as night camps at Pangong Tso. 

Magnetic Hill: One of the most sought after mysterious locations in Ladakh, the Magnetic Hill or gravity hill is an illusion that you must see to believe. Don’t be petrified as you watch your car being pulled uphill even with the ignition switched off. 

Tso Moriri Lake: If the saline waters of Pangong Tso didn’t seem interesting enough, our package takes you to the sweet and crystal waters of Tso Moriri. Your eyes will liven up as the rugged desert transforms into an oasis of lush and green. 

Zanskar valley: The willingness to visit one of the most isolated places on earth is not enough to visit Zanskar valley. This tiny hamlet comprising mostly of Buddhists is a must visit place during your Ladakh tour. 

Khardung La: 40 kms away from Leh, lies the highest motorable road in the world, called Khardung La Pass. A visit to Ladakh is incomplete without a ride on Khardung La. 

As we said before, these are just a few handpicked locations that we cover in our itineraries. There are a lot more commonly visited tourist places as well as a few that are hidden away off the beaten trail that we can include in our Ladakh Packages. 

Ladakh honeymoon packages

What better place than this mysterious, spiritual and downright romantic place to spend the first few days of your long journey ahead? We offer the best Ladakh honeymoon packages that can be clubbed with our Manali package or our Kashmir Package. Stay in some of the best and coziest hotels in Ladakh and experience true Ladakhi hospitality. If you are the adventurous type, we can even put you up at a Ladakhi homestay. 

Ladakh Family Packages

Your trip to Ladakh will be one of the best journeys that you ever undertake with your family. To ensure that the barren landscape and the climatic conditions don’t seem overwhelming, especially if you have children with you, our professional tour agents will create a family-friendly Ladakh tour package that keeps a day for acclimatization and takes you through the most friendly terrain in the tour. Special attention is given to the food habits of all family members and we ensure that you enjoy every delicious meal while you are in Ladakh. 

Ladakh Biker Packages

Drawn by the lure of the thumping echo of a bike passing through an empty endless road sandwiched between towering peaks? Speak to us about our Ladakh Biker Packages that start from Delhi, Chandigarh and Manali. 

Ladakh extended Packages

From 3 day tours that give you a glimpse of the best of Ladakh to extended 12 and 15 day tours that let you soak in the beauty of the place, we have packages for everyone. Get in touch with us today to customize your Ladakh package like you have never heard before. 

Anyone can visit Ladakh, only the fortunate get to experience it. Which one are you?