Think Turquoise blue waters and idyllic lagoons skirted by an endless array of coconut trees. Does that sound like Kerala to you? Add a bunch of beautiful coral islands to it. No, not Goa either. We are talking about Lakshadweep, India’s least visited beach holiday destination that is the most perfect place for the beach bum. An archipelago of 36 islands and flanked by 3 amazing reefs that are teeming with colorful aquatic life, Lakshadweep is a magical place waiting to be discovered. This cluster of 400 islands has only 10 islands that are inhabited by people. The rest are like mysterious ghost islands floating in the sea, untouched by civilization. A Lakshadweep holiday promises to be filled with adventure, sun, surf, sand, sea-food and a glimpse into a hidden part of India that still boasts of an indigenous tribal race that leads a solitary life. Lakshadweep is 400 kms away from Kerala and we have the best Lakshadweep packages that give you an unparalleled experience in these pristine islands. 

Our packages can also be clubbed with your Kerala holiday and will give you the best of both worlds. God’s own country with the cluster of thousand islands. We can arrange for flights from Cochin which will fly you into Lakshadweep or we can also put you onboard one of the few passenger ships that goes via the Indian Ocean into the amazing islands. That is a journey worth cherishing. 

A lot of people have mixed expectations when they reach Lakshadweep. The ones who go back with the best memories are the ones who come with a clean slate. 

Lakshadweep adventure package

With one of India’s only coral reefs, Lakshadweep is one of the best places for underwater activities. Unlike other parts of the country, the water here is crystal clear and allows you to see the marine life in all its glory. You will be amazed at the sheer variety and sheer number of fishes, sea turtles and urchins in these reefs. If snorkeling doesn’t sound exciting enough, then the sky is the limit in these waters. You can go scuba as well. Don’t worry if you have never even seen scuba equipment before. We can arrange for a short 20 minute basic session of Scuba diving that covers the essentials and prepares you for a world that you have to witness once. It is estimated that you will find almost 2000 varieties of fishes and more than 100 varieties of corals. Other than this, there are glass bottom boat trips, speed boat rides, water scooter, water skiing, night fishing in the lagoon, day fishing in the lagoon, deep sea fishing, watching sea turtles and staying in an uninhabited island all by yourself. To get the most amazing adventure packages in Lakshadweep, speak to us today. We assure you an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever. 

Sightseeing Packages

Interested in exploring the sights and sounds of the island cluster? Check out one of our Lakshadweep sightseeing tour packages. Head to Minicoy, one of the remotest islands that is farther away from all the others. This is home to a 300 ft tall lighthouse that gives you 360 degree views of the ocean and the coral islands. Built by the British, this lighthouse was used to keep an eye on trade ships that entered these waters from Sri Lanka. It is said that the waters around these islands have many shipwrecks that have not yet been discovered. Fascinated by the tiny colorful fishes that dot the aquariums around the world? Hop on with us to a ride to Agatti Island to witness a fish hatchery that explains how wild reef fishes are bred and then transported to aquariums to be reared. Take your family to Pareti island that is flooded with hermit crabs. We are talking about walking through millions of these amazing creatures that scurry at the first sight of approaching footsteps. Want to try Kite surfing? It’s certainly not for the weak hearted as you will tumble multiple times into the water. Allow us to make your Lakshadweep experience a memorable one with our tailored Lakshadweep tour packages. Early bird discounts are now available. Speak to us now. 

The tribals of Lakshadweep

Most people are unaware that Lakshadweep is also home to a rare civilization who have lived a nomadic life that has largely been confined to these islands until civilization came along and technology made an appearance. Lakshadweep is the only place where you can meet, interact and get a rare glimpse into their lives. Some of their cultural and ritual practices may seem strange. Others a tad humorous. For example, here matrimony results in the man taking on the wife’s surname for a change and even moving to her house to live his life. You can also get to learn firsthand from these people about coconut harvesting and age old fishing techniques that are still practiced. Their lives are also rich in culture, color and folk art forms, some of which are carried on even today. The dance forms like Kolkali, Daffumuttu, Attom and Ulakkamuttu are worth watching and will awe you with its rustic splendor. We can arrange the best Lakshadweep tour packages for you and your family that includes all of the above mentioned activities and more. 

The delicacies of the Island

Lakshadweep is a foodie’s delight. This is a paradise for seafood lovers. But to find the most authentic local cuisine including fried Octopus, which is cherished in these islands, you must head to the right hotels which serve local fare prepared with homegrown spices. The taste is unparalleled and cannot be experienced anywhere else. Vegetarians don’t need to fret. We have just the right place to you to enjoy the local bean curry and fresh steamed rice. Tea time will be a reason to indulge in a Bonda or a Moah Appam. 

We have special winter packages and New Year packages to Lakshadweep. Come with us and experience enjoy a few days in these amazing islands for an unforgettable holiday experience. For bookings and early bird offers, call us today.