With islands that are mostly uninhabited, fresh food, and just an all around friendly, peaceful vibe, Lakshadweep proves to be one of the most magical places in the world. The fact that life on the island is still highly traditional would make you feel as if you’re really far away from home—and you won’t even feel anxious about it.

To help you experience what Lakshadweep really has to offer, you’d be glad to know that we have curated only the best Lakshadweep Tour Packages around. Here are some of your best choices…

The Kochi Cruise

Understanding what the islands have to offer becomes easier by taking one of our Lakshadweep Tour Packages that starts with a cruise trip from Kochi. From there, you’d be able to see and experience the beauty of the islands, and be taken to spots where you can go diving, jet-skiing, paragliding, or kite-surfing. You’d also be given a set of meals—local delicacies, to be exact—so you can have a taste of what people usually eat on the islands. Then, you can cap off the night by spending it on the boat—truly a magical, seafaring experience that you won’t soon forget!

Learn about the Caste System

We also want to make sure that you won’t just be setting foot on the islands, but you will actually be learning more about them, and understanding what makes them unique—and what makes them what they are. Basically, our Lakshadweep Tour Packages will help you learn about the islands’ caste system—from the land owners or Koya, the sailors or Malmi, and the farmers or Melachery, and where they live on the islands. Afterwards, you’ll be taught how to scuba-dive and see unspoiled lagoons and coral reefs 4,000 ft under the sea. It would be like discovering a hidden palace of sorts—and seeing true beauty unfold right before your eyes!

Swim at the Best Resorts

Our Lakshadweep Tour Packages are also around to help you enjoy swimming and snorkelling at some of the cleanest, purest, and most undisturbed bodies of water around. We’ll be taking you to resorts in the islands of Bangaram, Agatti, Kavarati, Minicoy, and Kadmat to help you experience what Lakshadweep can bring you, making you feel like you have not experienced this kind of swimming and snorkelling adventure before. With natural waters that have no chemicals in them, you can be sure that it would be an adventure unlike any other—and it would bring you a lot of joy, too.

Tinakara Island Adventure

Part of our package helps you make sure that during your vacation, you’d really get to feel one with nature, and realize just why this trip is so special. One way of making that happen is by taking you to Tinakara Island where you will surely have a great time seeing various flora and fauna, lounging on the white sandy shores, seeing hermit crabs in various sizes and colors, seeing shells of every kind, enjoying the looks of the starfish, and just basically learning about various plants and animals that you do not get to see in your daily life. You’ll also be taught how to scuba-dive so you can see over 2,000 species of fish, and many variations of corals that’ll help you appreciate the islands even more. Oh, and these have been featured by National Geographic, too, so you can be sure that you’re seeing something absolutely beautiful and unique. And by booking with us, you will definitely be able to experience this without any hassle!

A Historical Experience

With the help of our Lakshadweep Tour Packages, you would be able to take a piece of history with you home as you would be learning about how Lakshadweep came to be, especially by visiting Minicoy and Kaldepi Islands. There, you will learn about the British Colonial Rule over India, and how the Lighthouse used to track ships that are roaming around the area. With wars that happened in the past couple of centuries, you’ll also be seeing shipwrecks that are now stuck in the islands, and learn what these boats mean in Indian History. If you are looking for a bit if exercise, climbing the 120-story lighthouse might do you a lot of good., and once you’re up there, you can then see Lakshadweep in a whole new light—from the colors of the waters to everything else surrounding the islands, it would surely be a remarkable experience! Afterwards, you can meet some of the tribes who live in the area, watch them dance to their own folk tunes and enjoy watching dances like Attom, Damufuttu, Kolkali, and Parichakali, among others, and learn about their culture, how they fish, hunt, and basically what they do with their lives so you can open up your mind about other cultures, and realize that there is so much to learn about the world!

Relax and Have a Good Time

Finally, we’ll make sure that you get the rest and relaxation you need—whether it’s by lounging by the beach, canoeing to see turtles nearby and those gorgeous corals, or simply by hanging out and eating the islands’ best local and fresh delicacies that will make your stay even more special. You will surely have a fun and festive time relaxing in the islands—and being away from your worries for a while.

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By trying one of our Lakshadweep Tour Packages, you can be sure that you will have a grand and serene time away from home. You will then be able to understand just what makes the archipelago unique, why they’re so beautiful, and be more understanding about the people around you, too. Whether you are traveling alone, with your significant other, or with friends and family, we’ll make sure that you won’t have any worries, and that you will only have a fabulous time. Drop us a line, call us, or contact us right here and you can be sure that we’d create the perfect vacation package for you. You surely won’t regret it!