Canada is one of those countries which can take you by surprise with the kind of diversity it has to offer. One such region that deserves mention and a definite on your must –see list is the province of Manitoba. It is also called the polar bear capital of the world.

Polar Bears in their natural habitat

Just hop on a Tundra Buggy (an all-terrain vehicle used to view polar bears) and view the killer machines- the white polar bears up close and personal as they roam freely in their habitat in Hudson Bay’s ice-over. You could stay for up to five nights in a hotel-on-wheels which travels in the exclusive access bear terrain, enjoy 24 hours viewing and clicking opportunities and watch the northern lights dance and the polar bears play in the snow. Or you could opt for a day trip on the Tundra Buggy from the historic outpost of Churchill, whichever way you choose to explore Manitoba you are bound to have a wonderful and ‘snowy’ experience.

Things To Do

You can navigate the frozen territory via unique Tundra Buggy – a big-wheeled, all-terrain transport vehicle that allows safe, up-close encounters with polar bears. Tundra Buggies are heated and washroom-equipped.
Opt for 3-5 day excursions in the 100m long Tundra Buggy Lodge – a mobile hotel that has lounge cars, dining rooms, sleeping quarters and open deck areas.
For the most intimate polar bear excursion you could head to the remote Wapusk National Park – the heart of polar bear excursion.
You could click the mamma polar bears feeding their cubs or shoot the powerful males as they venture in for some ‘buggy love’.
There are experienced guides to help understand the guests about the polar bears and their ecology.
View vibrant Aurora Borealis displays.
View the magnificent display of Aurora Borealis
Learn about the local Inuit culture, see the ramparts of an 18th century Hudson’s Bay Company Fur Trading Outpost and gorge on local fare such as bison, muskox and Arctic char.
You could also experience seasonal adventures such as dogsledding or helicopter tours.

The average daily temperatures during polar bear viewing season (October and November) range from -2°C in October and -13° C in November.
Tips for visitors

Frontiers North Adventures offers a variety of Churchill-based polar bear viewing tours.
Reservations are required.
Adventure Tours are also offered for Nunavut and British Columbia.
Some amenities available in Churchill; all amenities available in Winnipeg

When to Go

October and November are prime polar bear viewing months
November sees colder weather but increased ice pack
Excursions to Cape Churchill Wapusk National Park are only offered in November