While some people consider travelling to be a much needed break from their life, for others it’s a passion. Many travellers love to take road trips on their bikes. The sheer thrill and excitement of riding a bike on rugged paths is what these bikers live by. So for all the motorcycle dudes out there, we give you five exciting biking routes in India.  

1. Manali-Ladakh-Kashmir

Starting from Manali, going on to Ladakh and then to Kashmir, this route is a favourite among most bikers. Housing one of the world’s most graded roads, Khardung La, travelling on this route is nothing short of breath taking. Be it the view of the Himalayan mountains or passing through rich Buddhist heritage, travelling through this route is certain to give you a high. All experienced bikers should mark out April to August on their calendars as that is the best time to visit this route.


2. Bhalukpong – Dirang – Bomdilla – Tawang

If you want to discover Arunachal Pradesh on your own, then the best option would be to take this course. Travelling on this route is certain to make you visit places that you’ve probably never seen before. Scattered with snow and home to various tribal people, biking on this route is certain to give you distinct experience that you won’t forget anytime soon. Prospective bikers take note, March to May or October to November are the best times to travel on this course.  

Bhalukpong - Dirang - Bomdilla – Tawang

3. NH17 Mumbai – Goa

Every year, numerous people take road trips from Mumbai to Goa. A bike ride on NH17 will be the perfect way of starting your road trip to Goa. This picturesque route won’t show you any magnificent mountains, as the beauty of this route is quite different. It is instead home to spotless coastlines that will give you the feeling of being in a foreign land. If you think that the fun begins in Goa, then you are wrong; it begins on NH17. The best time to start your trip on this route is from October to February.

NH17 Mumbai - Goa

4. Valparai and the Vazhachal Forest

This amazing route connects Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerala. If you want to spend your monsoons riding your bike, then this route is perfect for you. Covered with tropical and evergreen forests all over, this route can be a great way of unwinding yourself. While riding your bike, you will see many waterfalls, dams and reservoirs that will leave you speechless. Apart from that, keep an eye out on wild animals who might greet you along the way.  

Valparai and the Vazhachal Forest

5. Thar Desert

This route in Rajasthan starts from Barmer to Jaisalmer and ends in Bikaner. Riding along the Thar Desert will be  an unbelievable experience.   As you ride along the sand dunes, you are bound to explore the hidden areas of Rajasthan and revisit its rich history. In short, this is one of the best routes for biking in India. To get the ultimate experience of riding on this route, take your biking trip between October and February.

Thar Desert

If your first love is your bike, then you must try out these biking routes for the ultimate road trip. After all, you only live once. Happy biking!