Indian railways network is known around the globe for its commercial excellence and services. With millions of passengers and tracks laid across more than 60,000km; journey by the Indian railways is much more than just a travel experience. Like many people swear by the recommendation that ‘Best way to explore India is by a train ride.’ Indian’s railway journeys come with an array of interesting experiences that one can count on.

Talk about the most picturesque Indians rail tour routes, then you’ll be surprised to know that India offers many beautiful train routes that diverse in natural beauty in all four corners of the country. The northern region alone has scenic beauties of hills, forests and the desert.

Presenting to you the top 5 picturesque north Indian railway routes that you should be taking soon!

The Kashmir Railway: Jammu – Udhampur Route

The Swiss experience

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Call it the Switzerland experience, this Kashmir Railway route offers exhilarating views of the rivers, valleys and mesmerizing views of the Shivalik Mountain ranges. Preferred to be travelled by in the month of November, the passengers get to experience both hotness of the northern valleys and coldness of the high range mountains, during the journey.

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Dooars Voyage: Siliguri – Alipurduar Route

North East beauty

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For those who prefer heavy vegetation and enjoy some wildlife experience, this route offers a package full of sanctuary & reserve experiences as the train runs through the dense forests of the north.

A high resolution camera might come in handy since this route is the only route in India that passes through 4 dense forest regions which includes Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve and Chapramari Forest.

Jaipur – Jaisalmer Route

The desert experience

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Sand dunes and lifeless landscapes might be a difficult terrain to live on, but the view of the same is quite eclectic on this journey from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Take this journey to get an expansive experience and view of the Thar Desert. Not just the barren lands, but this train journey also offers a glimpse of the living settlements on these tough regions, with stray camels and mud huts visible in vicinity.

Chambal Express: Agra – Gwalior Route

The Chambal beauty

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One of the most challenging and infamous regions of India ought to be the Chambal region of Uttar Pradesh. With a history of dacoit ruling, encounters and illegal inhabitation; the train journey through these barren regions of ravines or behead is quite interesting. The curiosity and sense of adrenaline, getting a vibe of this scandalous terrain cannot be ruled out as picturesque and a worthy trip to take in the life.

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Guwahati Express: Silchar – Guwahati Route

The green way

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Travel through the lush green valleys of Barak and hills of north east as this train journey offers some breath taking views of the region. The entire train route consists of the views of dense vegetation of the Haflong valley, followed by a parallel journey to the river Jatinga. A few hours of this treat is concluded with hours of scenic views of the tea gardens and step farms that the valley of Barak has to offer. Enjoy the route during the rainy season for a more memorable experience.

So which picturesque route are you planning to take first? Do share your experiences with us!