There are so many beautiful places in the world, but there are only a few that would really leave a mark both in your mind and in your heart. Nainital is one of those places. You see, it is such a hidden paradise and a magical gem on earth—one that’s a gift that really keeps on giving. This is why we often encourage first time and even seasoned travelers to give Nainital a chance. But really, what makes it so special, and what are the best places to visit in Nainital? Here’s what you have to know…. 

Naina Devi Temple

If there is one thing you should know about India, it is the fact that it is chockfull of mystery, and this mystery stems from their belief in many gods and goddesses—and deities of every kind. This leads us to one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nainital, and it is none other than the Naina Devi Temple. Located at the Picturesque Naini Lake, this temple has a lot to do with the many myths about the creation of Nainital itself. Going here would help you immerse yourself not only in the beauty, but also in the rich culture and history that Nainital has to offer, and because of that, you will be able to appreciate what else you’ll see in the area even better.

Naini Lake

There are many lakes in the world, and even in India, and that’s for sure. What sets this lake apart, though, is the fact that it is vibrant and highly colourful—a reflection of its surroundings and the people who live there. Located in the center of Nainital, it reflects the color of the verdant hills nearby, giving the lake such a different yet special color. It is also divided into a number of areas, and each area allows you to traverse the paths nearby, and see what each area has to offer, so in a way, it is considered as the heart of the city—and how many other places in the world has a lake as its heart? Maybe, there are some—but none of them are as special as Nainital.

Gurney House

Here is one of those interesting places to visit in Nainital. The Gurney House is the former home of beloved writer Jim Cirbett. More than just being a writer, though, Corbett was also a conservationist and British hunter who somehow helped shape Nainital into what it is now. Visiting his house would make you see his collections, writings, and observations—so you can understand what Nainital was like during its early days. It is a good way to relive history—and feel like you’re actually part of it!

Raj Bhawan

Speaking of history, you have to make sure that you also pay a visit to Raj Bhawan, also known as the former residence of the Governor of the North West Province, and is now the house of the Uttarakhand Governor. It is a way of paying homage to people who try to uplift Nainital—and you’ll also be in awe about how well-crafted and royal the house is. Perfect inspiration, especially if you’re studying Architecture, or working in a firm—or if you just truly appreciate art.

Tiffin Top

If you want a taste of the Himalayas while in Nainital, then you better head over to Tiffin Top. This is one of the most wondrous and magical places to visit in Nainital mostly because it offers picturesque and one of a kind views of the Himalayas, as it is situated 2,900+ ft above sea level—so you’d really experience panoramic views of the famous mountain range. The cold winds would also make you feel better—especially if you are getting tired of the heat.

Govin Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo

If you are a fan of animals, and want to visit elevated places, the Govin Ballabh Zoo is possibly your best choice, especially while in Nainital. It is a well-maintained zoo, so you can be sure that the animals are all in good condition and are being taken care of, so that’s always a plus. While there, you’ll be able to see sambhar, the barking deer, ghorals, palm civet cats, hill foxes, and Siberian tigers, among others. It will be a one of a kind experience that will help you appreciate animals and the planet even more.

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences

Then, why not try learning some more while in Nainital? You can do that at this research institute that doubles as an astronomical observatory. Located at the Manora Peak, this is a perfect spot for you to watch the stars, whether alone, or with a loved one. Allow yourself to get lost in the many winders of the universe, and surely, after doing so, you’ll have a newfound sense of being—and a renewed respect and appreciation for the universe.

Snow View

Finally, Snow View still remains as one of the best places to visit in Nainital. Many people like this old hilltop because it provides you access to this special aerial ropeway where you can ride cable cars to see streams, waterfalls, and the beautiful and wondrous lakes of Nainital—a perfect and relaxing way to cap off your trip.

Experience the Majesty of Nainital

With its good mix of rustic, old world charm, and a bit of a charming, modern vibe, Nainital proves to be one of the most interesting spots you’ll ever set foot on. It is then but fitting that you get to plan your trip well, get a proper itinerary, and make sure that you experience Nainital in its full glory! By booking with us now, you’ll be sure that we will provide you with only the most interesting itineraries, and the best packages that will help you maximize your trip to the fullest! Whether you’re a first time traveler or not, drop us a line or give us a call and we will help you go to Nainital, experience its magic, and be fulfilled during this trip, and more!