Developed and modelled on the lines of the Goa beach festival, the Puri beach festival takes place on the beautiful beach named Swargadwar. This festival is a great way to explore the earthy blend of culture, art, craft, cuisines and heritage of the state of Odisha.

About Puri Beach Festival

The Puri beach festival usually takes place in the month of November. The five day long festival showcases the grandeur of the culture and the people of Odisha. Puri is one of the most popular destinations in Odisha as it is also a reputed pilgrimage site. Visitors can enjoy the beaches of Puri and pay homage to Lord Jagannath in the same trip.

Colours of the Festival

The main attractions of the beach festival include dance performances, a fashion parade, art exhibitions and sumptuous food. There also a few sports events organised here. These include sports like volleyball, kabaddi and malkhamb.

Odisha is also known for its handloom and handicraft products, so shopping can be an extra incentive for visitors.

Special Attractions

Puri beach festival is captivating for its unique and exclusive exhibitions of sand art. Hosted on the magnificent beaches of Puri, sand art involves carving structures or sculptures in the sand. This art is famous all over the world due to the popularity it gained because of the festival in its early days.

Dance and Music

The colours of this state are showcased in its dance forms and folk music. The festival features local folk dances like lamba and lepcha. Eminent artists and new talents are encouraged to participate in the various exhibitions.

Puri is cheap, and easily accessible by road and train. The nearest airport is 61 kilometers away at Bhubaneswar. It is advisable to pre-book hotels for a comfortable stay.