Celebrated in Pushkar in the royal state of Rajasthan, Pushkar fair is one of the most popular fairs in the desert. Read about the Pushkar fair, its significance, the celebrations and the beauty of the fair.

Pushkar Fair : Celebrating the Spirit of Rajasthan

When: Sun, Nov 22, 2020 – Mon, Nov 30, 2020

Where: Pushkar in Rajasthan

Ship of the Desert: Camels, camels and camels

Camel dressed up as a bride.

Come October and the sands of the Pushkar town of Rajasthan in India wear the foot prints of camels. No, it’s not of those few camels which take you for the ride on the sand dunes. But it is a celebration of the king of the desert – the largest camel fair in the world happens in Rajasthan every year and the desert looks crowded, with camels dressed best, decorated with the traditional paintings, papers, flowers and patterns.

If you’ve grown up in rural India, you would have witnessed a lot of weekly and monthly fairs where people gather. The five days of Pushkar fair is an epitome of all these fairs, and is not just a place where business happens.

The Pushkar fair is one of the most visited event by the tourists visiting Rajasthan. A visit to the fair will tell you why. Camels stand beautifully decorated gathered in large numbers, while their owners make heavy selling and buying with a lot of engaging conversations of bargaining.

Camels begin to arrive as the Pushkar fair starts

You see the desert bustling with life – people busy in their business, tourists enjoying the unique fair and the colourful camels appearing like a painting on the canvas of the sands of the desert. Buying and selling happens on a large scale, amidst many activities.

Unlimited Entertainment

Unlimited Entertainment

Dance performance in Pushkar fair

Different forms of amusements and performances by local artists, local food – the things to keep you occupied are not less in this fair. Many entertaining events occur during this annual fair. Camels are in fact dressed up for reasons. They take part in races and compete in beauty contests!

These entertaining activities attract tourists in large numbers, where people come to experience a unique fair involving livestock. The most popular ones are singing of folk songs and dance performances by men and women wearing traditional Rajasthani attire.

Shopping at Pushkar fair

Shopping at Pushkar fair

Exhibitions are held to showcase how strong the camels are, by loading weights on their backs. Apart from the beauty contests, contests like best dressed bride, breaking the pots and longest moustache are also held.

Craft bazaars are set up, where the beautiful artwork of local artists is on sale. This brings about a lot of sales as the tourists shop in large numbers. Carnivals take place, along with unique dance shows and singing.

Religious Affair

The sacred Pushkar lake

The sacred Pushkar lake

People pay their visit to the holy Pushkar lake on the day of Karthik Poornima, during the fair. The Pushkar fair is usually held around Karthik Poornima, as the fair originated initially to encourage buying and selling of camels around these days as it was considered auspicious. Many rituals are performed in Pushkar lake as well.

Head to Pushkar soon as the fair arrives this time in November. Book your tickets to the state of Rajasthan to witness the colourful fair and be a part of the culture and have fun amidst the amusements which happen!