Villages have long been ignored as backward dusty places with no opportunities. But lately, travelers have started looking for travel options in villages. Hidden from the obvious view, villages offer an opportunity of living like a local – an experience of not seeing everything artificial but in its natural form. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are travelling to a village for your next holiday.

Choose your travel partner wisely

Independent travel is in big boom these days. However in Rural Travel, an aspect that often goes unnoticed by tourists is the level of work that goes behind preparing a rural destination, operations, local co-ordination and effort behind bringing out genuine experiences. A responsible travel company will also make sure that what you pay also benefits locals directly by sharing major portion of earnings with them (also called Community Based Tourism).

Village home in Sikkim

Actual and staged village travel

In an actual village experience, you will get to live like a local. It means that you will stay, eat and travel with the locals and experience life as they live it. You will stay in a homestay, have home cooked food and your guides will be from local community. In a staged experience, you will be staying in a resort made to look like a village. It will be owned by one owner, and village community will be appointed on salary. In the first option, you also become a responsible traveler as your payment directly goes to village families.

Community get together in Uttarakhand

Be ready to go out of comfort zone

A responsible travel company will ensure that you get facilities like good food, comfortable stay and hygiene. You still need to be ready to go out of comfort zone. Rural travel cannot be compared to luxury travel. The villages may take longer to reach and road connectivity may be challenging. But that is the charm of it all, isn’t it?

Safety and sanitation

After being exposed to all the negative news, we often think that we are safe in cities. On the contrary, I will assert that villages are safer. Again, a good travel company will ensure that your transition and experience is safe whether you are a solo, couple or a family traveler. With proper training in villages on sanitation and hygiene, a traveler gets proper washrooms, clean beds, rooms and proper food to eat.

Traditional Bhutia food in Sikkim


Sometimes you may get patchy internet and phone connectivity. Sometimes you may not be connected at all to the outside world. But do you really need to be connected at all times?

Medical facilities

You would seldom be taken to a village without medical facility. These days good hospitals for basic treatment are available everywhere. In case of emergency, you can always be taken to a nearby city. A good host and travel company will ensure that you get any medical assistance required.

Weaving rugs in Rajasthan

Is it for children?

Our children are getting too accustomed to artificial lifestyle. Give them a little space to play with whatever they can find, give them space to meet other people and observe all that nature has to offer. Village travel experiences often provide all of it.

Playing with village children in Rajasthan

So if travelling off-beat is on your mind, keep these tips in mind and experience the charm of authentic India.