Words may not be enough to explain or show to the world the beauty of Shimla. Surrounded by luscious green mountains, parts of which are decked in snow, this timeless and ethereal hill resort is characterized by an abundance of fresh, clean air, slopes and mesmerizing lakes. Shimla (also known as Simla) is the top tourist hub of India’s Himachal Pradesh area. There are several Shimla tourist places that are worth visiting.

When the East India Company still governed India, the British fell in love with the place and declared it as the country’s summer capital. Shimla has also been regarded as the Queen of Hill Stations. Unlike other hill resorts, it has retained both its natural beauty and cultural heritage, giving tourists the best of both worlds. Moreover, you can visit Shimla anytime of the year. Seasonal changes hardly affect the beauty of the place.

The route going to Shimla can be challenging. You need time, a sense of adventure and patience to get there. If you are thinking of going to various Shimla tourist places and not just one, you must plan your trip carefully. Have a shortlist of the locations you want to visit. Doing so will help reduce complications that may arise during your trip. You can also go online for more ideas on the best Shimla tour packages. 

Whatever your plans are, however, you need to include the following Shimla tourist places in your itinerary:

1. The Shimla Ridge

The Shimla Ridge

Situated at the heart of the town, the Shimla Ridge offers the perfect view of mountain peaks, snow caps and open spaces. The Ridge runs the length of another sought-after tourist destination, The Mall. To the West is Scandal point, the juncture that connects The Ridge to The Mall. Tourists can get a better view of The Mall by positioning themselves beneath The Ridge. Along the way, you can visit the ancient Christ Church edifice, known for its Tudor Library and Neo-Gothic architecture. 

2. Shimla State Museum

Shimla State Museum

The best way to enjoy a foreign place is to experience and feel its culture. Drop by Mount Pleasant where you can find the Shimla State Museum (alternately called Himachal State Museum and Library). Established in 1974, the museum was designed to keep and preserve records of the state’s rich culture and history. The building has a colonial style architecture and sports massive lawns. In the museum you can find various paintings, coins, sculptures, hand-crafted items and other collections that give tourists a glimpse of Shimla’s glorious past. 

3. Jackoo Hill

Jackoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill is Shimla’s highest peak. Situated 2 kilometers from the center of the town, the 8000-foot hill is the best place to view the Himalayan Mountains in all their snow-capped glory. The city far below is also a sight to behold. Nature-loving pilgrims flock to Jakhoo Hill not only to experience the natural wonders it has to offer, but also to visit the ancient Jakhoo Temple quietly sitting at the top of the hill. The temple houses the enormous Hanuman statue, which stands 108 feet tall. Hanuman is the chief deity of the place. 

4. Annandale 

Visiting Shimla tourist places will not be complete without a visit to Annandale, one of Shimla’s most anticipated destinations. Located 4 kilometers from the Ridge, the open green terrain used to be a playing area for cricket, polo and racing during the British occupation. Annandale has now been transformed into a mini golf course, complete with a helipad for rich tourists. 

5. Daranghati Sanctuary

The Daranghati Sanctuary is an important tourist attraction in Shimla. Situated 150 kilometers from the town, it covers a wide area of 167 kilometers. The place is rich in flora and fauna and was formerly the Bushahr royal family’s hunting ground. In 1962, Daranghati was declared a sanctuary to preserve remaining wild life. 

6. Chadwick Falls

Dropping at a length of 1586 meters, Chadwick Falls is another must-see tourist attraction in Shimla. You will not have a hard time locating this place. If you love nature trekking, you can easily reach Chadwick Falls through a 45-minute walk from the Summer Hill. Nestled between thick clumps of deodar and pine trees, the waterfalls provide water and natural irrigation to Shimla’s forest. The falls pick up speed after the monsoon season. Not only does water level increase, but the falls will look twice as stunning and beautiful. 

7. Kufri Station

Just a bit of distance from the capital, Kufri stands at a height of 2510 meters along the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. This hill station is a great stopover for mountain climbers, nature trekkers and all kinds of adventurers. Kufri, like most of the surrounding areas in Shimla, was once part of the Nepal Kingdom. 

8. Summer Hill

If you are looking for greenery and an amazing view of valleys and ridges, then Summer Hill is the place to be. Also known as Potter’s Hill, this 1283 meter hill station is famous for its cultural past. It used to be a meeting place for potters, who gathered clay and made pots. 5 kilometers away, you can access the famous Ridge. Summer Hill sits right beside six other hill stations. Tourists can go to and from various stations at a leisurely pace. 

The list above can serve as your guide. It will at least give you a head start while trying to get acquainted with the sights and wonders of Shimla. There are more Shimla tourist places you can definitely add to your itinerary. If you have a bigger sense of adventure, you can even include a side trip to the Himalayas. 

A trip to Shimla may require a lot of energy and more than your usual planning. The place is just too beautiful to be subjected to random backpacking. As tourists, it is important to be prepared and have a clear idea of where you want to go throughout the duration of your trip. When in doubt, do not hesitate to refer to us to help you come up with the best Shimla itineraries.