College days are the best phase in the lives of most people, and among them, college fests are often the most anticipated and memorable periods. College festivals include competitions and exhibitions of the best talents among students from within and outside the participating institutions. It is an opportunity for young people to showcase their talent, and most of them fondly remember the recognition, they garnered at those fests for the rest of their lives. Let’s take a look at the best college fests in India.

Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay)

The best and biggest college festival in Asia, ‘ for all things cultural and fun in the college scene. Initiated by a core group that included Nandan Nilekani of batch 1976, the festival sees participation from over 1,500 colleges and crowds that number over tens of thousands. It is graced each year by the biggest bands and who’s who of top celebrities. It is held between 26th to 29th December each year.

Saarang (IIT Madras)

Formerly known as Mardi Gras, this is an exhibition of top class talent from within Chennai and around the country. It is renowned for its high quality shows and events, and the famed personalities on its guest list. The 2015 edition was held between 7th and 11th January.

Festember (NIT, Trichy)

Keeping it simple, this fest held in September each year was begin with the idea of hosting a ‘fest to remember’. It is acclaimed for its array of events, and the participation from over 500 colleges in India. It is also commended for the social responsibility initiativesit takes upduring the rest of the year.

Waves (BITS, Goa)

One of the most lively and popular college fests in India, notwithstanding its location, event befitting Goa. Nothing short of a complete party, the fest abounds with music, dance, drama and a host of activities that it is on the must-visit list of every college-goer in India. Started in 2005, it is held in the last days of September each year.

Rendezvous (IIT, Delhi)

This bunch of future engineers sure knowshow to rock the social and cultural scene. biggest college fest in the north of India, this is a rage among college-goers across the country. It sees footfalls of over 10,000 every year. It is also a stage where celebs and music bands can promote themselves. It is held in the final days of October each year.

Oasis (BITS, Pilani)

Another top ranker among college fests in the north, this one stands apart because of the sheer volume of its events and energy it never shuts down during the night. This fest is held over four days, a week before Deepavali, and is a non-stop show lasting 96 hours. It has had an esteemed list of guests from the music and entertainment world over the years.

Unmaad (IIM, Bangalore)

Another non-stop extravaganza from the south of the country, the fest puts up a quality show for 72 hours. Bursting with energy, it is a colourful fest full of dance, drama, music, and a host of activities that display the best talents from all over the country. It was held from 30th January to 1stFebruary in 2015.

Malhar (St Xavier’s College, Mumbai)

Having been conducted for over 35 years, this fest is a celebration of all kinds of talent among students from all over India. It is renowned for the range of activities it hosts, whether it is dance, music, literature, fashion, or theater. Winning at Malhar is considered big accolade for participants. It is held in the month of August every year.

Riviera (VIT, Vellore)

With of about 50,000 thronging the festival, it is easily one of the most exciting events on the itineraries of college fests. It boasts of performances by big names from Bollywood, and equally spectacular display of talent from the student community as well. Dance, theatre, fashion shows, literary events, workshops, etc, are among the highly popular events. The last edition was held from 5th to 8th February.

Alcheringa (IIT, Guwahati)

Among the newest entrants in the college festival scene, this is the best from the eastern part of India. It is the perfect platform for the intermingling of students from around the country, and allows visitors to be exposed to the north-eastern culture, which is greatly emphasized in the fest. One of the attractions here is the changing theme for each of its four days. It was held from 29th January to 1st February in 2015.