Whether on a date or a get-together, wine is the perfect ingredient that mixes the fun with the right amount of buzz that is much needed for enjoying the moment. Be it Syrah or Chardonnay, any type of wine will just make your day (or night) anytime. So, all you wine lovers, we give you the world’s top wine countries that you must visit for this eye-opening drink.

  1. Loire Valley, France

Wine it out

The Loire Valley is one place in France where not only pure French is spoken but also the most delicious and exotic French wines are made. Take a flight to Paris and you are just a train ride away from the Loire Valley. Want to have a memorable stay in this wine country? Opt for Holiday Inn Blois or the Art Hotel. Full of vineyards, you can have a nice picnic there with your friends and enjoy the blissful scenic view. And how can we forget the wine-tasting? Enjoy some memorable French wines at La Licorne, Le Lift or Le Petit Patrimoine, forgetting all your woes.

Loire Valley, France

  1. Tuscany, Italy

Improving with age

Italy and wines go way back when the epitome of red wine was Chianti which is known for a taste that no one can ever forget. Produced in Tuscany, Chianti is the perfect companion for Italian meat and pasta. If God made wine, then we can certainly say that only God could create this magnificent wine country. In order to reach there, take a flight to Rome and then take a train to Tuscany. The beauty of its vineyards will take your breath away. After this long journey, check in at the Villa Sassolini, Castel Monastero or the Borgo Santo Pietro for midday nap. Restaurant La Pineta, Solociccia and Arnolfo are some of the best restaurants where Italian wine and Italian food go hand in hand.

Tuscany, Italy

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Craving for dry white wine? Think no more! Barcelona is the place for you. Just take a flight to Barcelona and you will reach the heaven of wines. It is often said that a meal without wine is like a day without sun. And whoever said that, was right! Combining Catalan cuisine with Cava would certainly be the perfect combination you might have tried. Have a comfortable stay at the Olivia Balmes Hotel or the El Palace Hotel. And when it comes to wine tasting tours, think no more, just visit Barcelona’s some of the best wine bars, such as Casda Mariol Wine Bar, Cata 1.81 and La Carte des Vins..

 Barcelona, Spain

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Known for producing a variety of wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir, South African wines have certainly made a name for themselves. Want to visit its oldest wine farm, Groot Constantia? Take a flight to Cape Town and check in either at Taj Cape Town, Derwent House or the Vineyard Hotel. In order to have an enduring wine tasting tour, do visit Publik, Signal Gun and Big Easy to enjoy the good old South African wines. After all, penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy!

Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Mendoza, Argentina

Give me wine or leave me alone

Wondering where the alluring wine Malbec comes from? Argentina, where else! With its huge vineyards, Argentina has been producing this wine for decades. Tasting it should be a must on every wine lover’s list. In order to reach there, take a flight to Mendoza and check in at Hotel Mendoza, Hotel Argentino or Hotel Cervantes. Next, you can quench your thirst with Malbec wine at The Vines of Mendoza, Por Aca and Wom Wine of Mendoza. And remember, age and glasses of wine should never be counted!

Mendoza, Argentina

Someone fairly said ‘good wine praises itself’. And when it comes to wine tasting, a wine lover will cover large distances for it. After all, wine is one of the most civilised things that have ever been created.