Being in nature is very relaxing and meditative experience. Wisdom comes from nature. That’s why Himalaya became the land of yogis and sages. This event will be a feast for those who love adventure within the mountains, and are thirsty for the truth hidden within.

This will include a journey to remote, tribal areas of the Himalaya which still uphold the way of life and values which have been largely forgotten or lost entirely. While living with local peoples, in the natural surroundings, you can taste infinite pleasure of simplicity and the ordinary life. This will include bathing in the river, cooking on the fire, sleeping under the stars, and touching the earth with bare feet, all which intensify our awareness.



This adventure will take place in magnificent scenery of Kangra and Chamba Valley, Himachal Pradesh, known for sacredness, antiquity, art and scenic beauty.

Base camp will be Chinar – from which the journey begins.

Trekking Route: Day 1 and 2: Chinar – acclimatization; Day 3: Chinar (1800m) to Triund (2835m); Day 4: Triund to Lahas Cave (3300m; Day 5: Climbing Indrahara (4400m) to Chata (3100m); Day 7: Kursi to Naya Gra; Day 8: Naya Gra to Jara; Day 9: Climbing Sari Pass (3735m) to Para; Day 10: Para to Mel Kud; Day 11: Mel Kud to Utrala; Day 12: Back to Dharamshala, Chinar (4 hours journey by jeep with stunning views); Day 13 and 14: Discovering Dharamshala; *Due to weather condition trekking route may alter.

The cost of this trek is approximately 640 Euros. (This includes: guide and porter fees, meals and accommodation, transport from and to Dharamsala airport.)